Oct. 28th, 2011 12:57 am
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This weekend was Garden of Earthly Delights, a particularly fun event for those that are like me and very much like to watch and interact with people. Getting there however was...Interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, every idiot with a driving license and a set of keys was on the road and we paid the price for one persons stupid. My poor Dutch_ditch could not have avoided the accident which totalled our car breaking the front axle and mangling the passenger side wheel. It was amazing that noone was hurt, but considering the rubber on the pavement, we must have slowed down just enough. It kind of makes me shivery to think on it and realize that I have pulled dead bodies from accidents nearly identical to ours when I was working on the ambulance. And thus, I am not going to go into too much detail because I am afraid to not detail our accident and instead go on to some other more grisly event in my memory.

Richard and I decided then to forego the celebration of our anniversary in favor of other events that were to come, considering the cloud of dark that had been surrounding our anniversary itself. My grandfather died, Everyone forgot it on the day of, I got pickpocketted while we were in town celebrating and then the day after we wreck our car. Bad Karma. I must cleanse myself.

I love sneaky. It's part of why I love being a scribe. Especially, assisting in surprisng my friends with things. I love to see the looks on their faces, its something that just sticks with you...The Joy of the Surprise. The surprise was merlyn_gabriel s idea, a babyshower for Aryahnwy. I painted a few little onesies and baked a cake that turned out quite well. Even despite the fact that the icing was orange instead of pink. Can't win them all I suppose, it was quite yummy. I even had some for breakfast the next day. Bad Bad Diane. :D

Court was in a word, fabulous. It was awesome to get a close view of the scrolls on the table before they went out to their owners. That and looking out onto the avid faces of all those playing court bingo and hanging on EVERY word that Agilmar said. Since he was reading off of my bingo card, my win didn't count but, it was all I could do to maintain my composure. The bit where he changed the name of the King and Queen into the Names on the bingo card was particularly choice. Even better though I got to assist in my small way in the sneaky award for the Herald, who's Panache scroll I cobbled together. It was rare, to be thanked almost immediately for a scroll that I hear he's still finding little personal details in. Hee. Still gives me warm fuzzies and almost makes up for the drama that followed. I won't go into that much either except to say that my feelings are hurt by it...and one hopes that should something like that happen again, that the scribe not be witness to it.

Yes, anyway. I got to flutter about and socialize with everyone and that was good. I had the need of people energy. I really need to put on my big girl panties and go visit people I know in the Netherlands. I need to stop being afraid and just Do. Have tea. Make scrolls. All that jazz.

But I have now, wonderful fabulous new toys to play with...I even have a practice bit of calig that I did with my shiny new nib...a husband who has been geeking out over calig stuff like never before and a little boy who absolutely refuses to remove a little pewter bird. Aparently a personal token of her majesty. They make me proud, my boys...
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So this weekend was Summer Coronation, the murder foul of King THorvaldr and Queen Fiona and the crowning of King Ulfr and Queen Caoimhe. I am going to highlight the best points of the event and I shall do a more in depth synopsis of it later.

Getting a Queen's Order of Courtesy- in the name that I have not yet registered. You realize Ary that now you have to help me register it :P Sneaky one.
Having my runestone scroll be held up and have everyone go "ooohhh" and then having Fiona say to the populace that it was the coolest scroll she'd ever seen. Then later I was told it was a style of scroll that the recipient had always wanted.
Thorvaldr calling out to Odin as he died.
Fencing Reauthorization. I kinda felt like they put me through the ringer but I think that's just me.
Talking shop with Dame Melisande.
Talking shop with Duke Thorvaldr.
My beautiful new red and gold dress sari.
The giggle that I get when I get the customary "Aren't you FREEZING?"
Great friends.
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Indian naming conventions still puzzle me. If I could read sanskrit a little better I wouldn't have so much trouble, but my study of the Vedas and Upanishads didn't get as far with Dr. Calhoun as I would have liked while I was at IWU.

From what I understand in India during late period times (during the first british encursions into india) is you would have had a first name in sanskrit (usually a descriptor or the altered name of one of the pantheon) , or a last name/familial name. It was possible to have both, but in that case only one would be used... However all people were also required to have an english name to be known as as well.

I think I need someone with more knowledge.
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Dec. 2nd, 2009 01:22 am
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Needs to get in contact with someone from Polderslot area going to Dragon in Winter. I wish to attend but have no viable transportation.
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I promised my husband a post about my weekend....and especially since i didn't post about our anniversary festivities that I should in fact oblige him. He's snoring right now which is very cute and does in fact aid in my creative process. [Creative process- I need an SCA icon]

I went this weekend to my first ever *yay* Drachenwald event. It was the 20 year anniversary of Polderslot (thats my new shire peoples) and it was in a word wonderful. I will give you the high points and the low points as noone really wants a play by play of my event. Not even my husband, but he got one anyways. :D

I have never had a Queen know who I was before, based soley on appreciation for my scrolls. having never met me before, upn introduction said "Is this the same Ruth who sent me 'this' scroll and 'this scroll"? The feeling was wonderous, absolutely beyond description.

I didn't get as much work done on my Illumination as I would have liked because I was quite willing to be recruited to play lady in waiting to her Highness Fiona. Lovely woman. Very Funny. It was truly a pleasure to follow her around. She didn't appear to mind my nervous commentary either. We had an adventure. The Princess, two other Ladies and myself all went to the Albert Hein in town in order to aquire certain necessities (caffiene in my case) . We were given mini-roses and free samples and everything.

Many many comments about my choice of Indian garb. None of them derogatory in any fashion, one admitting she'd like to steal my fabric and make it into a coat (persian persona, didn't catch her name), and only one incredulous "Aren't you Freezing?" A definite plus for someone who has had nasty comments for her garb in the past.

Feast was lovely, if a bit too soupy for my taste (soup for dinner the previous day and for lunch event day as well). One mushroom dish which was snatched away from me with a "You may not have any of this. No!" and a laugh from both of us. It was nice. During feast they made the chief cook and all around good lady a Baroness of the Court. Was very well done indeed.

I got to stand up behind the thrones in court! Wicked Fricking Awesome. *queue girlish squee of delight* No but seriously, I've NEVER gotten to do that before and it was just as cool as I thought it would be.

Only 4 fighters, which would be a sad turnout to a Midrealm event, however the tournament was quite enjoyable to watch. It was a portrayal of the fight of Sir Gawain the Green Knight, and it was excellently fought by Sir Guerric. I now know 2. Good thing they don't look a thing alike otherwise I might even get confused.

I have made a statement that I want to get fencing started again in this area. It was seconded by several people including the Princess who thinks it was a Very Good Idea. So I guess I get to start the process of a Drachewald fencing marshallate and kick people's butts. Not that I mind that but it was not QUITE what I had in mind. Ruth gets to play at Teacher. Hmm. Ruth should think before opening her big mouth, but now that its out there I have to come through. Once i get my gear.

I have about a bazillion new ideas from people at the event. I need to focus them down into doable and not doable. One thing on the doable list are the penworked capitals I saw from [livejournal.com profile] aryanhwy . I simply MUST try those one day soon.

Low point: The children waking me up at 635 in the morning. If your children are awake and hungry at that hour of the morning, it is the job of the parent to get up...and feed them. It doesn't matter if you're tired, you do it because you know very well that they're just going to keep whining until you do. No "shut up" does not cut it TYVM.

I am SURE that there is more that will percolate through my brain here in time, but for now this is what you get.


May. 3rd, 2008 07:29 pm
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I went to our event...Awakenings the Armored Easter Egg Hunt. I decided not to fight, due to the fact that I stepped in a hole and my knee has been screaming for a few days. It was hard watching the fighting and not participating. My fingers itched for a rapier. I however only have one set of knees, and they need to last me the next 70 years or so.

It was cold and it was windy but the schmooze vortex around the scribes table was excellent. I finished the scroll I was doing for the Archery Regional Champion... Only they never shot archery... too windy. *Sigh* So I have a lovely Regional Champions scroll (and yes it is lovely) and no-one to give it to. It currently resides in the front seat of my car.

I had much fun, even though I didn't get to fight...and had several conversations that I didn't really have. *giggle* I LOVE those. One of which may have a very pleasing outcome. Hee.

Oh by the way. I'm a little tweaked about finding out thirdhand that my supposed houseguests weren't going to show up. I prepared and everything, you could have at LEAST told me you weren't coming. That's...irritating.

On the plus side, my house is mostly clean now.
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1. What is your SCA Name?
Ruth Ellysson

2. What time and where do you portray?
1575 Scholar, of no particular place since I travel so much to study.

3. In plain English describe your device.
I do not yet have one.

4. How long have you been in the SCA?
Since late 2002

5. Do you have any special titles you have earned?

6. What kingdom and local group do you belong to?
Shire of Baile na Scolairi, Region of the Midlands, Middle Kingdom

7. Do you have preferred colors for your SCA Persona?
The colors that look good on me. I am most likely to be found in red or blue.

8. What is your war that you look forward to going to every year?
I've never been to a war.

9. Do you hold any offices?

10. Favorite memory from an event?
I have several from the list field, several indeed. They are stories best told in person.
My favorite moment though, was when a scroll I painted made someone cry when they recieved it, they liked it so much.

11. Are you a fighter? What kind?
Yes, mostly I fence but I can and do occasionally fight heavy.

12. Are you crafty (making things)?
Yes. I can paint. *nod*

13. Do you teach classes at events?
I do not have any skills that I would consider myself proficient enough in to teach.

14. Do you play instruments at events?
No. I sing.

15. Do you dance at events?
Well I try.

16. Do you feel that there is enough flirting and chivalrous behavior at SCA ?
Never Enough. It's just too bad some people are threatened by it.

17. Are you a "Black Hat" or a "White Hat"?
To be perfectly honest....I have no idea what this question means. Mock the n00b.

18. What is one of the reasons you've remained in the SCA?
Friends, Fighting, and the Experience.

19. What peerage(s) do you aspire to?
I aspire to many things, that I will keep to myself. The more vocally you want something, the less likely I've found that you recieve it. I want to be noticed by my own merits, not my ability to speak on what I desire.

20. Who was Crown when you joined the SCA?
Pieter and Nan Astrid

21. If you are a Peer, who was the Crown that elevated you?
Not a Peer.

22. Have you lived in more than 1 kingdom and which ones?
Only the Middle while I have been active in the SCA.

23. Have you helped found a group?

24. Have you had any house affiliiations?
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Cook that is. I was asked (in a way that was not a request) to make dinner tonight. Yeah. As much as I hate that I did it anyways. It was pretty easy considering that *shocker* there was food in the refrigerator that I know what to do with. Fettichini Alfredo and this very interesting Apple sausage. Not only did I not burn anything, but it was in fact tasty. The puppy is so very attentive right now. She thinks that I am going to give her a lovely greasy plate to lick, and you know she might be right.

Now, back to the scrolls that I need to finish by Friday morning. One is painted and 1/2 of the lettering is done, the other is almost painted with no lettering. I do not want to have to work at them at the hotel. Nope. Too much trouble, not to mention I'd probably be sore if I tried that.

I am envious of my cousin Frank who is currently on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. *sigh*

I cannot wait for Friday...

Ix, do not let me forget to give you the sketches from Colleen.

Going away now.

Love to all.

SCA Meme

Jan. 5th, 2007 01:04 am
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SCA Meme )


Dec. 22nd, 2006 12:49 am
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I just read something that supposedly came down from SCA corporate. They're stripping Pieter and Nan Astrid of all their titles and honors and everything. They don't know yet if they are going to impose the level 3(?) exile on them.

I wish that I knew what happened to cause this because based upon my last acessment these are good people. Though I must admit I am a little afraid to ask.

Comments will be screened.


Dec. 18th, 2006 12:02 pm
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Okay so this weekend was beyond my normal standards for good. Far far beyond it in fact. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun doing anything much less have several of those anythings grouped together. My weekend actually started Thursday evening since I don't have a job and I can in fact get away with that.

Thursday: Got to [livejournal.com profile] blackcatter and Dawn's house after a right nasty drive down. I started the drive at 3:30 and I didn't arrive in Bloomington until it was 7:30 I think...It was late! Traffic was bad as hell! Puppy cuddles and puttering around helping clean occupied most of the rest of the evening. Dawn and I didn't sleep at all so we stayed up watching obscure old movies until 6ish in the morning.

Friday: Today I did the great Job Hunt. *sigh* I got a few little nibbles (mmm nibbles...) from places that I went to talk to their HR departments but nothing of any real substance. Spent almost an hour at Bromenn beforet hey could find someone to tell me that they couldn't tell me anything. That was my last stop before heading to Peoria to visit [livejournal.com profile] norfacoflandra. I was too frustrated to continue. I gave myself enough time to get lost, and while I didn't get lost I did get a little bit turned around once and I missed a turn once. For me getting somewhere I have never been that is Excellent. I got there only minutes before Dietrich (you know sometimes I am unsure what name to use for you) , and just in time to get a headbutt from the cat. I promptly got shanghi'd by the boychild into "want to see my trains?" We played with trains, and broke a piece of track. That was fun. I love kids, especially cute fun-loving type kids. The New girlchild was very very cute...*sigh* babynoises...yep. Anyhow. Got to watch the process of cooking and it was truly entertaining for me who does not cook well. Kitchen magic is the phrase he uses for it and I find it very appropriate. Not to mention the food was wonderful. Snuggles and conversation downstairs followed... :) It was nice to see [livejournal.com profile] leeduck and [livejournal.com profile] birchduck even if it was only briefly. They're just fun people to be around and I like/admire them a lot. I am unsure if they know that, but hey if either of them read this now they do.

Saturday: Inkin in Lincoln... I was unsure what a scribal event was going to be like, but I could not resist this one. It was fantastic. I learned to write! Gothic and Uncial hands, it was amusing that the man who taught me how (Wilhelm, I think) showed my practice pages to nearly everyone he talked to. "So jealous I could spit" was used a number of times. I think it was an excercise in How red can we get Ruth in one afternoon? I got shanghi'd again by [livejournal.com profile] scribewithgold into doing a project. You have no idea how amazingly cool it is that Bardolph and Brigh (the King and Queen of the Midrealm for my non SCA friends) were painting things that I had drawn. Though it amused me to no end that Bardolph had to ask what color the pale behind the dragon was on the Midrealm device.
The party was its normal awesomeness. [livejournal.com profile] aztecknight brought in a dagger as a grab bag gift that was VERY popular. Wow yeah. I ended up with Katydids. They are chocoalte but I don't even like them. Oh well. We watched Jeff Dunham, which was fun because not only is it Hysterical, but I thought for brief periods of time that Green Jenny and [livejournal.com profile] chentzu were going to hurt themselves laughing at it.

Drinking, food, fun, frinds, snuggles, kids and puppies. It was wonderful.


Dec. 13th, 2006 10:31 pm
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So yes, today did turn out to be interesting. This might be a little jumbled but that is how my mind is working right now.

I deleted the drunken phone messages that I got a couple of days ago. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] music2bio and [livejournal.com profile] otakutom
But today I got to play with metal. This is something I have never done before and while not something I would ever want to do a lot it is fun. Dycon and I are going to make me a helm and gauntlets...Yes. This should be fun for all involved I am sure. Good thing I can follow directions. A "pass it on" sheet of 14 gauge steel was cut for me and after a few hours with a 3lb hammer I had one half of aformentioned cut steel shaped into what looks vaguely helm like. My hands hurt and fine motions that require finger dexterity are not working for me right now.
3 more sessions and it might be close to done. Yay!
It is not pretty, it is not going to be pretty. It is to be functional. (apparently if I need pretty I have to go elsewhere). I do not need to be pretty until after I disarm and turn into a Lady again.

I am now off to conquer the vile evil pile of laundry. It mocks me...
I want it to be Friday.
That is all.
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It occurs to me that I need an SCA related Icon. I don't have one. There are days that I suffer through fighter practice, because I suck...Today was not one of those days. Heee.... I love it when I can bounce through practice. When I do so and get compliments on my fighting it is a good day. I must be improving, there's just no other explanation for it.
Good things were said about my ability to observe people and tell them what they are doing to get them dead. Rule number 1 after all is "don't die". I just wish I could more accurately judge what I am doing to get dead. That is not so easy for me. Even more good things were said about my parries (thanks [livejournal.com profile] purplebard). My draws were complemented too. As always I got the "well you're a fun fight" but this time noone finished it with "but not necissarily a good one." That made me happy.

Apparently I am accurate. Anton told me today that I bruised him last week at practice. What I did was this: he was pressing me and I pulled back into a more defensive stance and cocked my swordarm back. He aparently watched this and went "oh this is going to hurt" because he knew he was out of position and there was no way he could block it. I laid a leg rap about two inches above his knee...With a rapier. Then on our next pass, I did the darned thing again. Exactly the same spot, with the edge of my blade both times. The rest of the heavies that Anton were telling this story to were impressed and to be honest I'm not sure why. Need to fight heavy...Yeah. I might even be good at it. Wouldn't that be fun? I absorbed a lesson from someone (i don't know his name sorry) about fighting heavy. I learned a few things just by watching and listening to that lesson that are going to be very effective for me once I figure them out. Yep. Watch out! Just kidding.

It's a good thing I think that I suck, otherwise I would not fit into my hats.

Okay so funny bit time now. So I'm fighting NekoMe, and he takes a great deal of pleasure in playing with shots around my guard (it's a ring guard and you can in fact go through it and hand me.) and then immediatly after legging me. He says that in about a month or so noone will ever hit me through the rings again. The third time he does this he makes some sort of disparaging comment about my virtue and how my knees is a good position for me. I am of course offended, what does he know of my virtue? Bout ends, I die. I get up and he proceeds to leg me again and my immediate responce is "So m'lord, is this how you prefer your women...or is this the only way you can get them?"

To top all this off...There was PIE!!!
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I am not sure how in depth I am going to go in this entry becaue I am just exhausted.
Rode in with Rebecca and her son Matthew. We got there pretty late due to traffic, construction and just plain not leaving when we expected to leave.

Fenced. [livejournal.com profile] aztecknight warmed me up really well before he went over to fight with sticks. I still don't think you fenced enough but thanks! There weren't that many fencers but the quality was pretty good. It was a decent challenge to say the least. I was the authorization partner for 4 seperate auths. Wow. I also took second in the tourney, I lost by two bouts. I now have a large, red, chinese lantern. It is pretty, but I confess having no idea what to do with it.

Insert now the funny story...I was showering after fencing because I was ooky. You need to understand that the showers there have no doors/curtains or anything to seperate shower from the outside world. I am quite naked towards the end of my shower and I hear something at the door. Moments later The door swings wide open and in walk three women and I go...Yeep! The male who was standing at the door didn't even notice. It was a brief moment of freakout followed by a 'okay this isn't so bad'. I am just not used to people seeing me naked.

Since I don't dance...much I did one of my favorite things ever, run around with a camera. Dad let me borrow the D-70, and took half of my soul as collateral. I swore that the camera would not leave the car if it was not about my neck. I got some good pictures I hope! I did dance a little bit (maybe 5 dances).

There were Pomegranite seeds and fudge at the dessert revel. Ruth was very VERY happy to have handsome men feed her chocolate all night. Talked with lots and lots of people. It felt SO good to smile and laugh and just be around good happy people. It was wonderful.

In the morning I was bowled over by several someone's cologne. I hate it when people think they need to marinate in it. Had lunch with [livejournal.com profile] norfacoflandra on our way back home. Construction is evil, but we didn't get lost. Lunch was full of fun, much laughter all around. Thank you sweetie, it was fun!

Ink Rant

Oct. 27th, 2006 02:52 pm
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Okay so this is a very SCA related rant...

I Hate...HATE when things are not like the labels say they are. Ink that says it is waterproof should...BE...WATERPROOF!!! AGH! A perfectly good Illumination...RUINED!

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Went to fighter practice today at Ravenslake. Though my performance is still causing me a great deal of frustration, it was better today. I didn't end the day saying "okay you suck". I had a few fights I would classify as good. I got a few decent hits in on Anton and Neko Me, the others I do not recal their names, and we won't even go into the number of times they hit me. That one breast bruise has definitly been added to. On the list of things to do is add to my chest protection. I was thinking perhaps sewing something into my armor so that it does not pinch like the plastic strap on ones do. One thing I definitly need to do before this weekend is pad my rapier, because of the way I grip it i'm bruising the hell out of my fingers.

Cut for Memeage )
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Okay the Lochmorrow event commentary from yours truly.

5:15 is way too early to wake up for an event. I will try to work that out better next time. Started the day with my cellphone scaring the living crap out of me, yeah, I didn't know that ringtone would sound like the fire chimes. Wow...

Got to Macomb about 10AM, and didn't get lost on the way. That was thanks to Tom (he came with me) who had the map. I was honestly expecting more people to be there but then I love little events. More time to catch up with the important people. I was truly dissappointed when [livejournal.com profile] norfacoflandra didn't show up. *pouts a bit* I wanted to see you you know. Hope you had a good day anyway.

The fencing tourney left me with much to be desired about my skill level. *shakes her head* I was doing okay in the stuff before and after the tourney. But my performance in the actual tourney in a word, sucked. I was really unsatisfied with my fighting as a whole. Got paid a high compliment though, so that made it better. "Best draw cuts I've ever recieved" was said about me. I smiled about that for a while.

Nothing much needs be said about feast, it was little but fun.

Enjoyed the time spent with [livejournal.com profile] aztecknight and [livejournal.com profile] sgtgwyn, with whom we stayed after the event. For some strange reason there was a problem with my suggestion of driving back after everything was over. Much fun was to be had just chatting and watching the Fantastic 4. An interesting movie even if one is not a comic book junkie. The couch is very comfy and the footrub I recieved from him was...well there are not words. Thank you again for everything sweetie.

I did forget one thing at his house, and I realized that as we were leaving. I forgot to ask how to get back out to 67...You would think that "how do I get home" would be foremost on my mind as I was trying to leave but no. It was an adventure finding my way out of town to say the least.

On a funny note, one of the dogs woke me out of a dead sleep with a lick to the bottom of the foot at about 5:30.

In summary-Much fun to be had by all.
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If I forgot anything I'll add it later.

Okay so today had a wierd start when my alarm clock went off. I hit the snooze just once like I always do and then to my amazement it never went off again. I checked it and it was on, but the ringer just never went off. Odd. So I got a late start. When I got to site I sat in on the end of a dagger class which was really very interesting. After that it was Phillipe's Sword Grabbing class. I'm still not sure why he had us practice ones that are illegal in the Midrealm because I know I'm going to do it sometime and not even realize it. Aparently you can use disarms like that in Nothshield, so I hope it happens the next time I'm there.

I got paid some pretty hefty compliments today...A bit of Ego stroking is always nice. Had a fighter, and I'm honestly not sure who say "My lady have you lost weight, for the last time I faced you there was more of you..." And then another said that he'd be scared of me if I was in fighting trim, and going to practice. Heh...Scared of me...Can you imagine that? I don't think I did anything unbelieveably stupid on the field, because I felt pretty good. Annoying though, I'm stll missing my shots by a bare inch. Make me Crazy!

I superheated on the field today which was fun...I was fighting fighting fighting and then I paused a moment to get a better grip on my blade...That's when the fun began. I went hot, then cold, and then got goosebumps everywhere. My hands were shaking really bad, and when I left the field aparently people were worried about me. I don't remember a whole lot...I went from standing there behind Ix after poking him in the belt with my sword, and him saying something to me to sitting on the bench with Faelan handing me a goblet full of gatorade. Found a few nice bruises today, my toe is looking nice and brusied, so is my arm. Im not sure if my toe is broken or not but it hurts, in a way I can't ignore.

On a personal note to those who will understand this...I will never ever look at my belt the same way again. I also really really enjoyed the conversations I had with people. Its nice to be around people who get me and just talk.

I talked to my cutie [livejournal.com profile] dutch_ditch today. He called me while I was shlepping armor to my car, and was overjoyed when he called me back a little while later. I was still somewhat high on endorphins but I don't think he minded. I had your dolphin on again today and it brought me more luck (And it does too bring me luck). I Love you.


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