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Blarg. Now that I'm feeling a bit more like a human being...

DOing scrollwork while you're sitting in one of those comfy gyno-chairs next to a fetal monitor gets you VERY interesting looks from the nursing staff.
So oddly enough does, knowing how to read an ultrasound ( Because I do) and knowing the callsigns that say surgery is necissary or not. Now I KNEW that it wasn't necissary for me to be cut on. Fortunately the doctor on duty yesterday was my favorite Dr. Oosterhuis. He's not only the head of the Gyno department but one of the foremost minds in the world when it comes to fertility and gynocological surgery. He gives the lectures that everyone comes to, to use as CEU credits. I Would LOVE to attend one of his lectures. Facinating stuff. Anywho. He was all like "No you're absolutely right, we're not going to do surgery where we know we're not going to find anything on a woman thats completely asymptomatic." They have a drug for that.

Now Methyltrexate and RhoGham or DgD as they call it here, are definitely on the list of NEVER EVER have again. Now I understand the necessity of RhoGham, and I will happily present my butt to get that injection again when I am happily pregnant knowing that hubby has Rh+ and i have Rh- but mother of god....

Now Methyltrexate, is an anti cancer medication. So you can imagine the side effects. Anything's better than surgery.

Next week Friday, I get to find out when I get to start trying to have a baby again. If I even want to start again. I mean I do, but...at the same time this experience has rattled me a little.


Nov. 23rd, 2011 11:22 pm
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I wish....I wish that I didn't know the statistics for pregnancy and loss. Right now, I wish that I didn't know how difficult it is for the human body to produce and sustain a pregnancy. How many things have to go perfectly to get past even the first set of cell division, much less to grow and implant and be born. I wish that I didn't know when Day 1 of a pregnancy was so that...when I don't start my period and get all hopeful, it wasn't so crushing when I do start 3 weeks later.

I wish I wasn't having to start the whole process over again. I will take another pregnancy test before I start injecting again, but with all the bleeding I've been doing I'm expecting a negative result. I know that 30-45% of fertalized eggs never make it to a sucessful outcome. I can't ignore the statistics, it's basic biology. Right at this moment, I'd be happier being ignorant.


Oct. 28th, 2011 12:57 am
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This weekend was Garden of Earthly Delights, a particularly fun event for those that are like me and very much like to watch and interact with people. Getting there however was...Interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, every idiot with a driving license and a set of keys was on the road and we paid the price for one persons stupid. My poor Dutch_ditch could not have avoided the accident which totalled our car breaking the front axle and mangling the passenger side wheel. It was amazing that noone was hurt, but considering the rubber on the pavement, we must have slowed down just enough. It kind of makes me shivery to think on it and realize that I have pulled dead bodies from accidents nearly identical to ours when I was working on the ambulance. And thus, I am not going to go into too much detail because I am afraid to not detail our accident and instead go on to some other more grisly event in my memory.

Richard and I decided then to forego the celebration of our anniversary in favor of other events that were to come, considering the cloud of dark that had been surrounding our anniversary itself. My grandfather died, Everyone forgot it on the day of, I got pickpocketted while we were in town celebrating and then the day after we wreck our car. Bad Karma. I must cleanse myself.

I love sneaky. It's part of why I love being a scribe. Especially, assisting in surprisng my friends with things. I love to see the looks on their faces, its something that just sticks with you...The Joy of the Surprise. The surprise was merlyn_gabriel s idea, a babyshower for Aryahnwy. I painted a few little onesies and baked a cake that turned out quite well. Even despite the fact that the icing was orange instead of pink. Can't win them all I suppose, it was quite yummy. I even had some for breakfast the next day. Bad Bad Diane. :D

Court was in a word, fabulous. It was awesome to get a close view of the scrolls on the table before they went out to their owners. That and looking out onto the avid faces of all those playing court bingo and hanging on EVERY word that Agilmar said. Since he was reading off of my bingo card, my win didn't count but, it was all I could do to maintain my composure. The bit where he changed the name of the King and Queen into the Names on the bingo card was particularly choice. Even better though I got to assist in my small way in the sneaky award for the Herald, who's Panache scroll I cobbled together. It was rare, to be thanked almost immediately for a scroll that I hear he's still finding little personal details in. Hee. Still gives me warm fuzzies and almost makes up for the drama that followed. I won't go into that much either except to say that my feelings are hurt by it...and one hopes that should something like that happen again, that the scribe not be witness to it.

Yes, anyway. I got to flutter about and socialize with everyone and that was good. I had the need of people energy. I really need to put on my big girl panties and go visit people I know in the Netherlands. I need to stop being afraid and just Do. Have tea. Make scrolls. All that jazz.

But I have now, wonderful fabulous new toys to play with...I even have a practice bit of calig that I did with my shiny new nib...a husband who has been geeking out over calig stuff like never before and a little boy who absolutely refuses to remove a little pewter bird. Aparently a personal token of her majesty. They make me proud, my boys...
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Most of my posts these days are really down and depressing but todays will be more upbeat.

I have a friend who is trying to have children with her boyfriend. She'll succeed, before I will because she has two other beautiful little girls that she had seemingly without trying (so she says because they were not planned).

This friend, just asked me how I was doing in my struggle to have a baby and then said something so extraordinary that I still can't believe she even offered much less that she would go through with it.

She offered to donate me eggs. Donate me Eggs. Eggs! If I can't produce them, she will give them to me.

Now she has no idea what goes into donating eggs, this I know because neither do I, but the offer, even if she didn't mean it rocked my little world. She has no idea the effect even the offer had on me. 6 words, and for a moment my world went upside down.

God it's good to have friends.


Jan. 24th, 2011 12:17 am
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It was an interesting weekend. I'm putting off doing my chigong before I sleep to put my thoughts down on paper(sorta)

I went to the event in my home area called winterfeast. It was perfectly lovely with only one glaring exception, that my hubby was quite ill. He spent most of the event sleeping on the couch in the corner while Collin and I had fun. It was a right shame that he didn't enjoy himself as much as he could. But I told him he could just say the word and we could go home, but that stubborn man didn't want to leave while we were having fun.

Spent the morning chatting and sketching out a new illumination, with peacocks and angels. Its another wicked one from the Sforza Hours. I'm going to do them all one day. The afternoon was spend adventuring to the Lidl with Dutchess Fiona and discussing the state of the Royal Artisan Competition. I was truly honored that they allowed me to take part in the conversation. later, arranging to barter scrollwork/leatherwork for garb and for a proper set of feastgear. Allow the happydance to ensue.

Vegitarian feast. Interesting, though not something I'd care to repeat in the future. The only dish I truly enjoyed was the lentil paste, that I got to eat Indian style (with my fingers). There were just too many rasin dishes and combinations of flavors that would not agree with my stomach. I really really dislike rasins. Bleh.

Highlight of the day. I'm half listening to court and keeping an eye on my hubby, making sure he drinks enough water when they call the Order of the Panache into court. Lots of people I know, great artisans all of them. I'm like hey cool someone's getting a Panache, wonder if its someone I know well. Imagine my shock when the Panache turns out to be for me! I almost cried. Much praise ensues of my scroll work for which I am sure that the swelled ego will go away soon enough.

I could not stop staring at the little panache token that I have now. It's an excellent one according to Margaret de May. She got an Albion that evening too, which I think was much deserved because she's just wonderful. She will say otherwise but we know better. *nod*

Now I'm just dying of curiousity. WHO is doing my scroll? XD
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So this weekend was Summer Coronation, the murder foul of King THorvaldr and Queen Fiona and the crowning of King Ulfr and Queen Caoimhe. I am going to highlight the best points of the event and I shall do a more in depth synopsis of it later.

Getting a Queen's Order of Courtesy- in the name that I have not yet registered. You realize Ary that now you have to help me register it :P Sneaky one.
Having my runestone scroll be held up and have everyone go "ooohhh" and then having Fiona say to the populace that it was the coolest scroll she'd ever seen. Then later I was told it was a style of scroll that the recipient had always wanted.
Thorvaldr calling out to Odin as he died.
Fencing Reauthorization. I kinda felt like they put me through the ringer but I think that's just me.
Talking shop with Dame Melisande.
Talking shop with Duke Thorvaldr.
My beautiful new red and gold dress sari.
The giggle that I get when I get the customary "Aren't you FREEZING?"
Great friends.
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Why is it that I feel like my life has stopped, while the world continues to go on around me. I feel like I'm moving in slow motion.

It's like, I know I've got friends in the US, but If I am never able to go home, never able to visit, never able to share things with them will I still have any friends left?
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So we've had the Winston puppy for a whole week now, and we've discovered a lot of things about having a pup that I'd forgotten. The adoption agency said he was only 5 months old, but he has all of his adult teeth except for his molars, so the vet thinks he's older than that. It's sad that he's so skittish and scared, but that speaks volumes as to the world he lived in when he was a puppy. He fell over himself trying to get away from Richard when he had a newspaper in his hand. He's now just learning that he can be a puppy here and people will still love on him. We even had a genuine tail chase the other day. It's very funny to watch him bounce from couch to couch because he's just so excited to be able to play.

We are working on 2 things right now, harness training and housetraining. He freaked out totally when we put him in a collar, so we decided to forgo that in place of a harness. He's adapting well to the harness. Smart little beastie will, if we leave the door open go outside to go to the toilet. However, if the door is not open, he will go on the dogbed we got for him since he's decided the couch is the best place to sleep.

Downsides: We've lost 2 tea towels to him so far, one small boy school certificate, there's an enormous hole in the backyard and I caught him chewing on Richards sandals. I sense more chewing in the future, though he is quite taken with his rawhide bone.

Damn if he's not cute though...
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My husband got you all excited and now I get to have the fun of showing you our new family member. And so many of you thought I was pregnant. Not yet loves. Not yet. Still trying though.

This...is Winston. We pick him up on Sunday. Isn't he a cutieface?

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Happy Birthday Maire! :)
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Indian naming conventions still puzzle me. If I could read sanskrit a little better I wouldn't have so much trouble, but my study of the Vedas and Upanishads didn't get as far with Dr. Calhoun as I would have liked while I was at IWU.

From what I understand in India during late period times (during the first british encursions into india) is you would have had a first name in sanskrit (usually a descriptor or the altered name of one of the pantheon) , or a last name/familial name. It was possible to have both, but in that case only one would be used... However all people were also required to have an english name to be known as as well.

I think I need someone with more knowledge.

Dog woes.

Mar. 23rd, 2010 11:55 pm
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While I understand that greyhound rescues are very careful about their animals and where the place them, it seems our little family does not make the cut. The reason they give that we can't have one....They're traumatized and they need to go into an environment that is calm because too many new noises can scare them. Aparently we have too many children in our neighborhood that make too much noise, or that boyo is too wild for a greyhound.

I'm just really angry at the moment, that I have to explain to small boy that he can't have the dog that he picked out.
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I have discovered the bestest way to wake up my husband, mainly because it's so darned cute.

Me entering room with breakfast type food and 2 cups of coffee on a tray.
Husband still laying in bed, covers up to his chin still at that moment quite asleep. A moment passes before his nose starts twitching, one eye opens and voice says "I smell coffee".
When I hold up bright purple cup full of coffee, eye closes and big smile spreads across his face.
Queue giggle, and then after stretching out some nose twitches again and then he takes his coffeecup. Husband then sticks nose over coffee and inhales, creating bigger smile and then sips. "Ahhh...Coffee coffee coffee..."

It was so darned cute.
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cut for scroll pretties )
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So my new little project has to do with beads. Putting them together in pretty patterns and the like, and seeing what comes out. Here is an example of what comes out of a night of playing.


Dec. 17th, 2009 04:47 pm
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What kind of creature pushes a little boy into an icy cold lake? *fume* One soaking wet, very cold, upset little boy presented himself at the front door a few minutes ago.
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Dragon in Winter was even better than expected. I was a busy little bee and other than one unfortunate side effect of the food had an awesome time. I have new friends, and I know now that I am going to like it here.

More later as I am dead tired and still not feeling 100%.


Dec. 2nd, 2009 01:22 am
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Needs to get in contact with someone from Polderslot area going to Dragon in Winter. I wish to attend but have no viable transportation.
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I promised my husband a post about my weekend....and especially since i didn't post about our anniversary festivities that I should in fact oblige him. He's snoring right now which is very cute and does in fact aid in my creative process. [Creative process- I need an SCA icon]

I went this weekend to my first ever *yay* Drachenwald event. It was the 20 year anniversary of Polderslot (thats my new shire peoples) and it was in a word wonderful. I will give you the high points and the low points as noone really wants a play by play of my event. Not even my husband, but he got one anyways. :D

I have never had a Queen know who I was before, based soley on appreciation for my scrolls. having never met me before, upn introduction said "Is this the same Ruth who sent me 'this' scroll and 'this scroll"? The feeling was wonderous, absolutely beyond description.

I didn't get as much work done on my Illumination as I would have liked because I was quite willing to be recruited to play lady in waiting to her Highness Fiona. Lovely woman. Very Funny. It was truly a pleasure to follow her around. She didn't appear to mind my nervous commentary either. We had an adventure. The Princess, two other Ladies and myself all went to the Albert Hein in town in order to aquire certain necessities (caffiene in my case) . We were given mini-roses and free samples and everything.

Many many comments about my choice of Indian garb. None of them derogatory in any fashion, one admitting she'd like to steal my fabric and make it into a coat (persian persona, didn't catch her name), and only one incredulous "Aren't you Freezing?" A definite plus for someone who has had nasty comments for her garb in the past.

Feast was lovely, if a bit too soupy for my taste (soup for dinner the previous day and for lunch event day as well). One mushroom dish which was snatched away from me with a "You may not have any of this. No!" and a laugh from both of us. It was nice. During feast they made the chief cook and all around good lady a Baroness of the Court. Was very well done indeed.

I got to stand up behind the thrones in court! Wicked Fricking Awesome. *queue girlish squee of delight* No but seriously, I've NEVER gotten to do that before and it was just as cool as I thought it would be.

Only 4 fighters, which would be a sad turnout to a Midrealm event, however the tournament was quite enjoyable to watch. It was a portrayal of the fight of Sir Gawain the Green Knight, and it was excellently fought by Sir Guerric. I now know 2. Good thing they don't look a thing alike otherwise I might even get confused.

I have made a statement that I want to get fencing started again in this area. It was seconded by several people including the Princess who thinks it was a Very Good Idea. So I guess I get to start the process of a Drachewald fencing marshallate and kick people's butts. Not that I mind that but it was not QUITE what I had in mind. Ruth gets to play at Teacher. Hmm. Ruth should think before opening her big mouth, but now that its out there I have to come through. Once i get my gear.

I have about a bazillion new ideas from people at the event. I need to focus them down into doable and not doable. One thing on the doable list are the penworked capitals I saw from [livejournal.com profile] aryanhwy . I simply MUST try those one day soon.

Low point: The children waking me up at 635 in the morning. If your children are awake and hungry at that hour of the morning, it is the job of the parent to get up...and feed them. It doesn't matter if you're tired, you do it because you know very well that they're just going to keep whining until you do. No "shut up" does not cut it TYVM.

I am SURE that there is more that will percolate through my brain here in time, but for now this is what you get.


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