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My most recent scroll works. I am not sure if the last one ever made it to the recipient. It was last I heard lost in the mail...So if anyone knows the recipient do give her my apologies.


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Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: This user has encountered an error. [Abort] [Retry] [Fail]
Stranger: heyy m 18 looking for a bit of fun on cam, with a girl obviously :)
Stranger: fail
Stranger: fail
Stranger: fail
Stranger: fail
Stranger: ?
You: This user has encountered an error. [Abort] [Retry] [Fail]
Stranger: abort
You: This user has encountered an error. [Abort] [Retry] [Fail]
Stranger: retry
You: Hi!
Stranger: ok now?
You: Yes thanks.
Stranger: good
Stranger: howdy stranger
You: 'preciate it, really I do. That's an awful loop to be stuck in.
Stranger: uh..
Stranger: yeah
You: Trust me, you do NOT want to go there.
Stranger: err
Stranger: k
You: When you fail man....it's hardcore....like shrink your balls to the size of rasins hardcore.
Stranger: lol
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Nov. 2nd, 2009 09:41 pm
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I'm watching my husband wander around the house, and still I can't believe how happy he makes me. Despite it all, its been worth it.


Oct. 13th, 2009 08:34 pm
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Fun I had with a scroll not long ago. I would not mind any comments people have on style etc. I am still not quite sure of my calligraphy abilities. X-posted.

Click for scroll pretty )
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Awesomest....Hotel...EVER! Pictures soon.
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I must say I am fairly annoyed with myself for missing something important.

I'm even more annoyed with the people who were SUPPOSED to tell me that didn't. You two are on my shit list at the moment.

Love you mama, I promise I'm not annoyed with you. It wasn't your fault.
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Aryanhwy, I mailed it to the PO box today. It should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. :)


Sick mumble

Aug. 8th, 2009 05:23 pm
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How can I enjoy my vacation with my husband and boyo when i'm too busy being sick to appreciate it.

Not fair. Now on top of it all HE'S taking care of ME.

I do so love that man.
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Hey aryanhwy, you're going to raglan faire, would you be willing to take a scroll with you?


Jul. 20th, 2009 01:22 am
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Cool eh?

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So...1 allergic reaction to the ear drops, 1 set of stronger painkillers (when the doctor says "Woah" when you say what painkiller youre on...it MUST be good.) , and 2 trips to the hospital...I feel better now. I hope I NEVER have to do that again.

The Ear nose and throat specialist literally vaccuummed infection out of my ear and then packed it full of gauze with a new set of eardrops. Lovely. I have to go back in tomorrow.
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I am now headed to the hospital. The pain on the right side of my face is so bad that I just cannot cope anymore. Not to mention that its thick and swollen around my ear to an area about the size of my hand.

Fuck this is going to be expensive. My poor husband, he is SO worried.

I just want the pain to stop.
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Someone put me out of my misery....or cut my ear off, either will do. Just so that the pain stops.

My right ear is swollen shut and the flesh around it is red and painful to the touch. I can't hear, and I can't move because every movement hurts. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow!

I have to go to the doctor today, without insurance, I can't go through another day of this. I woke up at 6 am, crying because it hurt so bad.
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EDIT: I thought Richard knew about it and just hadn't told me...He did not. Not his fault. Not pissed off anymore.

I have decided, this is the last time that this happens.

The next time that I have to explain to a small boy why he can't have lekkers, because I didn't know I needed to buy treats for him today. Why he only has a normal lunch, when all the other kids will have special lunches because there's nothing else in the house that he can take with him to school that the teachers wont take away from him (because I didn't know I needed them today).

Only to find out that not only is today a special fun day for him at school that he has only a half day of school today which means I have to rearrange everything that I had PLANNED for the day because now I can't do them because I'll have a small boy pestering me... So now i have to get all my errands run before 1:00 because thats when he gets off of school, and I Didn't know. Noone told me!

The NEXT time it happens Mommy goes on strike. I AM TIRED OF ALWAYS BEING THE BAD GUY!!!
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Conversation I had with boyo this morning...

Mommy You need to wash dishes"
"why do I need to wash dishes?"
"You're home all day"
"But you make most of the dirty dishes"
"Why should I have to wash them?"
"shouldn't you wash them since they're yours?"

*Insert completely dumbfounded 9 year old*

I can't help it, I thought it was SO funny.
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Edited for the Diane being a dork. Sorry I was just trying to take notes for something World of Warcraft related and I ended up posting it.

Wish me luck, I am going to ride my bicycle 15K to Enschede tomarrow. I think my ass might rise up and murder me.


May. 28th, 2009 09:47 am
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I am tired of being all alone during the day. I want some attention!

Unfortunatly the people that used to pay attention to me are far away. Several of them stopped paying attention to me a long time ago, and You know what. I resent it. It makes me angry. Am I jealous? Yes. Of every single one of you that gets social contact outside of your S.O.

At least when Richard gets home I'll have someone to cuddle...even if he does think I'm a bit clingy.
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Happy Birthday Rory!
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There is a small boy who is wearing my socks. He's 9, I'm 24 and he's wearing my socks. Why? Because he physically cannot put his socks on anymore, they won't go over his heels.

Gods he has big feet. Just like his father.
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I am full of donner and spicy fried potatos. My husband vaccuumed the house and I got to spend parts of the afternoon cleaning the grass out of our backyard brickwork. My butt is sore from the bike ride we took the other day doing something called Geocaching.I'm cuddled up with someone handsome watching the discovery channel right now. It's a shame that his face is all cut up, the stitches do not look good on him. I have pergamenta to play with later, and things to paint.
We still have an ant problem but that soon enough solved I hope.

Life is good.


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