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Today went almost exactly as I had expected. I got a kiss and a "Happy Valentines Day" from Richard and together we made lasagna.

There were 2 things today that did not go as I'd expected.
The first was at about 9AM or so we hear a knock on the door. Boy. Then shortly after we hear
"papa?" when responded to through the door boy says "ik heb ontbijt voor je gemaakt." Which means..."I've made breakfast for you." Richard and I exchange looks and in comes boy with a pair of breakfast sandwiches with chocolate sprinkles and 2 cups of Orange juice.

The Second thing that was entirely unexpected was this...

I'm laying in bed, after breakfast and I hear a thud. Richard was going downstairs, and then I heard a Yelp and "FUCK!" Any of those by themselves is not always a bad thing, but always is responded to by a "You ok down there?" All three together in a short amount of time is ALWAYS a bad thing. Yeah. Having slammed his foot into the little barrier at the bottom of the door between the hallway and the bathroom, Richard had in fact broken his toe. It's a lovely shade of violet all the way around and quite swollen. There will be photos. It's plain to me that it is broken, but there's nothing you can do for a broken toe even if you go to the doctor and get it seen.

Love it.


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