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*snort* why is it that my coworkers (almost called them collegues, been listening to Richard too much) see fit to poke fun at my food choices. I bought lunch at the plant today because I was damned hungry. The only safe food there as far as I can see are the hamburgers (red meat oh yes), and the french fries were not questionable today. I do something odd with my french fries... Yes I occasionally enjoy my french fries with mayonnaise, I don't do it often but I do do it. Today was one of those days. No, it's not a terribly American custom...don't know where I picked it up actually...But it is not nasty damn it. No, your habit of only drinking your coffee stone cold, THAT is nasty. Bah.

Bicycle chains and pantlegs are a bad bad thing when put together. Ow. Owowow. I managed to stay upright but only just barely. Laws of physics I defy you to take me down! Hah! I could do without the brilliant scratches and bruised calf from the pedal hitting me when my foot slipped off of it.

I have discovered that I no longer weigh enough to trip the weight sensors on the outside of the paintshop with the bicycle! Wheeha! *happydance* I've lost close to 10 pounds since starting this job.

Squad 3 up and died today...the starter wire came off. I giggled at the poleaxed look on Mark's face when he tried to start it and nothing happened.

I know why i've been so tired recently, my body is trying to fight off a very active infection. Bah. At least it is in a place where I can drain it myself. Ouchie.

Wet, hot and sweaty do not make as good a combonation as they seem to at first glance. I am annoyed that it waited till my shift was over to open the skies....so now am I not only drenched in my own sweat, but I am wet from the rain.

I think that because it is raining there will be no fighter practice.

The song I am listening to is just gorgeous. And he is cute when he is folding laundry...
Word of the day: alsjeblieft (which I have also seen spelled with a T in the place of the J...Is there a difference? I know not.)

Random funny question: Are cows always tired...because all they ever say is Moo...?

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