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2 plane rides and 12 hours later...
I was in his arms. There is joy to be found in the world, now if only I didn't have to leave.

It was not a bad flight all in all, but I have to say that Iberia has some of the best pilots that I have ever encountered. All in spanish though, with broken english bits. I was travelling completely by accident with a young woman who had odviously never been to Europe before. She was doing the whole "oh my god, noone's going to understand me, noone speaks english, oh look at the tiny cars they're so cute..." thing. It was irritating but it was cute all the same. She has no idea what she is getting into backpacking across Europe.

Doing the whole, domestic thing with the man I love was and still is wonderful. Weet je dat ik van je houd? We had a bit of alone time before we had to pick up the boy from school. He was Really happy to see me. It was really really cute. We went to Enschede for groceries and wandered around for a while. It was fun, up until Collin got lost. I did not need that blast of adrenalin on top of jet lag. It was scary, expecially when we could not find him.

Oh, and the next time he asks me to take the boy to school...He WILL provide directions. THere will be none of this "Oh the boy knows the way..." I got so lost coming back, I had to backtrack to the school and then try to meander my way back to Het Nardusboer. It was a nice walk, but it was annoying.

More later.

Oh...Ix...Know you where I can get a Mac cord with a Dutch plug connection, or do I just use a regular adapter for the life of the computer?


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