Oct. 19th, 2007 11:37 am
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Note to self: Cooking spray with olive oil (you know the stuff that tastes damn good) is not to be used anymore, for it burns instantly onto my pans. I must now scour them. Damn it. I am hopeless Hopeless I tell you, when it comes to cooking, I do not know why I even continue to try. The pancakes will be interesting Upon them will go, strawberry jam and maple syrup, and maybe that will erase the slight taste of burning...

*mutter...goes to open the windows*

Word of the day: volgende. NEXT!
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Cook that is. I was asked (in a way that was not a request) to make dinner tonight. Yeah. As much as I hate that I did it anyways. It was pretty easy considering that *shocker* there was food in the refrigerator that I know what to do with. Fettichini Alfredo and this very interesting Apple sausage. Not only did I not burn anything, but it was in fact tasty. The puppy is so very attentive right now. She thinks that I am going to give her a lovely greasy plate to lick, and you know she might be right.

Now, back to the scrolls that I need to finish by Friday morning. One is painted and 1/2 of the lettering is done, the other is almost painted with no lettering. I do not want to have to work at them at the hotel. Nope. Too much trouble, not to mention I'd probably be sore if I tried that.

I am envious of my cousin Frank who is currently on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. *sigh*

I cannot wait for Friday...

Ix, do not let me forget to give you the sketches from Colleen.

Going away now.

Love to all.


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