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I am back in the United States. I do not want to be here. I almost laughed when the Customs and Immigration officer said "Welcome home"...

I got to my parents house and after dinner crashed hard. I would have rather crashed in my home, but it will be months till I am home again. My little house with the green door...with all the orange pennons all around. (okay those PROBABLY won't be there when I return but...) All I have is a new teddy bear that smells like him, and all the memories we made while in Oldenzaal, Enschede, and Amsterdam.

I had this crazy dream...I was on this boat with someone handsome...
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The only downside to a long distance relationship are the little romantic gestures that you can have when your partner is near you. Touch, eye contact, energy, simple contact. I miss that. More than I ever thought that I would, go figure. I really need to not watch romantic movies when I'm on the edge of a melancholy mood.

Night is the hardest, to sleep in the cold without my warmth. I wrap in blankets and still feel the chill of the air. I can see the moonlight, a soft, cold mistress outside the window. I just want to go walking under her glow. Part of me aches, for something I cannot now have.
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Okay so maybe 3 AM is not so bad of a time to wake up. I got to watch the boy and his father interact from the sidelines. I love that. So then he comes to the computer and looks right at me, asking something about the Camera and me. I think it was if I could see but I can't recall. I said goedemorgen of course cause I could see...and Richard bless him had already turned on the speakers.

We talked, we actually communicated!!! He understood me!!!! He even turned to his Daddy to repeat what I said when he asked. WHEE!
I am of course beyond excited by a tiny little breakthrough that really means nothing.


Sep. 23rd, 2007 03:17 am
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It's 315 in the morning and I do not know why I am awake. Yesterday or the day before when I was awake at near to this time it was because Kate was calling in her cats. Yeah, at least for that I could go right back to sleep.

I am watching 2 of my favorite people in the world. One is on the floor, playing with something noisy as young boys do. The other is in bed. I want to be in that bed curled up in his arms like I was a few days ago. I hate sleeping alone.

A bit of randomocity:
Vandaag is rood. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCti-yENAG0
It's a fucking Aldi.
The backseat....hee
Im not crying this morning. (an improvement)
No I do not remember the length of my corset lacings...sorry luv.

3 things

Apr. 17th, 2007 07:59 pm
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1. I passed my entrance exam into the Mclean county EMS system today. Joy.
2. I miss 2 people very very much right now. I want to be there.
3. Strawberry Ice cream is the second greatest thing for bringing your spirits up when you are down....I can't have the greatest thing at the moment....They're ~5,000 miles away.


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