Oct. 28th, 2011 12:57 am
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This weekend was Garden of Earthly Delights, a particularly fun event for those that are like me and very much like to watch and interact with people. Getting there however was...Interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, every idiot with a driving license and a set of keys was on the road and we paid the price for one persons stupid. My poor Dutch_ditch could not have avoided the accident which totalled our car breaking the front axle and mangling the passenger side wheel. It was amazing that noone was hurt, but considering the rubber on the pavement, we must have slowed down just enough. It kind of makes me shivery to think on it and realize that I have pulled dead bodies from accidents nearly identical to ours when I was working on the ambulance. And thus, I am not going to go into too much detail because I am afraid to not detail our accident and instead go on to some other more grisly event in my memory.

Richard and I decided then to forego the celebration of our anniversary in favor of other events that were to come, considering the cloud of dark that had been surrounding our anniversary itself. My grandfather died, Everyone forgot it on the day of, I got pickpocketted while we were in town celebrating and then the day after we wreck our car. Bad Karma. I must cleanse myself.

I love sneaky. It's part of why I love being a scribe. Especially, assisting in surprisng my friends with things. I love to see the looks on their faces, its something that just sticks with you...The Joy of the Surprise. The surprise was merlyn_gabriel s idea, a babyshower for Aryahnwy. I painted a few little onesies and baked a cake that turned out quite well. Even despite the fact that the icing was orange instead of pink. Can't win them all I suppose, it was quite yummy. I even had some for breakfast the next day. Bad Bad Diane. :D

Court was in a word, fabulous. It was awesome to get a close view of the scrolls on the table before they went out to their owners. That and looking out onto the avid faces of all those playing court bingo and hanging on EVERY word that Agilmar said. Since he was reading off of my bingo card, my win didn't count but, it was all I could do to maintain my composure. The bit where he changed the name of the King and Queen into the Names on the bingo card was particularly choice. Even better though I got to assist in my small way in the sneaky award for the Herald, who's Panache scroll I cobbled together. It was rare, to be thanked almost immediately for a scroll that I hear he's still finding little personal details in. Hee. Still gives me warm fuzzies and almost makes up for the drama that followed. I won't go into that much either except to say that my feelings are hurt by it...and one hopes that should something like that happen again, that the scribe not be witness to it.

Yes, anyway. I got to flutter about and socialize with everyone and that was good. I had the need of people energy. I really need to put on my big girl panties and go visit people I know in the Netherlands. I need to stop being afraid and just Do. Have tea. Make scrolls. All that jazz.

But I have now, wonderful fabulous new toys to play with...I even have a practice bit of calig that I did with my shiny new nib...a husband who has been geeking out over calig stuff like never before and a little boy who absolutely refuses to remove a little pewter bird. Aparently a personal token of her majesty. They make me proud, my boys...
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