Jan. 24th, 2011 12:17 am
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It was an interesting weekend. I'm putting off doing my chigong before I sleep to put my thoughts down on paper(sorta)

I went to the event in my home area called winterfeast. It was perfectly lovely with only one glaring exception, that my hubby was quite ill. He spent most of the event sleeping on the couch in the corner while Collin and I had fun. It was a right shame that he didn't enjoy himself as much as he could. But I told him he could just say the word and we could go home, but that stubborn man didn't want to leave while we were having fun.

Spent the morning chatting and sketching out a new illumination, with peacocks and angels. Its another wicked one from the Sforza Hours. I'm going to do them all one day. The afternoon was spend adventuring to the Lidl with Dutchess Fiona and discussing the state of the Royal Artisan Competition. I was truly honored that they allowed me to take part in the conversation. later, arranging to barter scrollwork/leatherwork for garb and for a proper set of feastgear. Allow the happydance to ensue.

Vegitarian feast. Interesting, though not something I'd care to repeat in the future. The only dish I truly enjoyed was the lentil paste, that I got to eat Indian style (with my fingers). There were just too many rasin dishes and combinations of flavors that would not agree with my stomach. I really really dislike rasins. Bleh.

Highlight of the day. I'm half listening to court and keeping an eye on my hubby, making sure he drinks enough water when they call the Order of the Panache into court. Lots of people I know, great artisans all of them. I'm like hey cool someone's getting a Panache, wonder if its someone I know well. Imagine my shock when the Panache turns out to be for me! I almost cried. Much praise ensues of my scroll work for which I am sure that the swelled ego will go away soon enough.

I could not stop staring at the little panache token that I have now. It's an excellent one according to Margaret de May. She got an Albion that evening too, which I think was much deserved because she's just wonderful. She will say otherwise but we know better. *nod*

Now I'm just dying of curiousity. WHO is doing my scroll? XD
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