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Hey life? This isn't funny. Quit fucking around and get it right.

I just want to be happy. Is that really too much to ask?



Nov. 12th, 2007 08:42 pm
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Okay so the annoyance of the day...besides discovering that my knuckle is infected from where I caught it on an edge at work. Owwie.

I am cleaning out our jump bag, because one of our instant hot packs burst and got nasty all over the bottom of the jump bag. What was orange is now a murky grey brown. Unacceptable. So anyway I am cleaning it out and i notice something shiny in the bottom. WTF shiny? So i look closer and there are three live lancet needles, that Have been USED in the bottom of our jump bag.

There will be NO live sharps in my jump bag damn it all! NONE! Its even worse that they were USED! Ick! Who knows what those could be crawling with.

Confidental to my sweetie: I have decided that you will be sent that date for Christmas...so expect it within the package. I can't just show up and not have any time with you. I love you.
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Why is it that smoke detectors always go into OMG Service me NOW Mode, at 330 AM or when you have no batteries....or both.

Bah. Things you should be able to count on that you can't number oh 50. Good thing I was already awake.
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Funny bit today. I'm getting food before class because I didn't really have time to go get groceries AND cook before class. I order and am waiting for it. The second guy at the counter looks at me, his eyes drift to my chest. I'm wearing one of my shirts that leaves little to the imagination as to my shape. Y'all know the ones I mean. And the boy says "What is his order"? And he's told the responce, and says "Oh this one..." and grabs a bag to hand to me. I thank him and go on my way, not quite giggling.

HIS order? I don't know about you folks, but in no way do I look like a he. Nope. If it wasn't funny I would have been a bit put out.

I sit here listening to music, trying to get my computer to connect through the heartland server to JSTOR. Yeah. Keyword in that statement: Trying.

Number of the day: 14. Holy SHIT 2 weeks!!!
Word of the day: bereid *giggle*
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Today at work something interesting happened. I do not like working in the plant when noone is there. My glasses as they are want to do slid down my nose. I push my glasses up and when he looks at me oddly I joke that it was the "universal sign of the geek" and gigglesnort. And he looks at me and deadpans (and he means it, I know) "You're not a geek!" I think that I am offended...I mean I know my shields are not THAT good.
Whatdoyoumean I'm not a geek!?

After the look I gave him, he said "What...well you don't act like one?"

The sexual innuendo from him is getting a little much though. It is funny so I am not sure how to proceed with it because the man truly amuses me. I mean for the most part I think innuendo and flirting is fun, but...I don't need to know that my supervisor hasn't had sex in x number of years. I don't need to know that he takes things I say in almost complete innocence in ways that he says he "can't tell me".

I saw my parents yesterday. Mom only used the word idiot once, and she had a valid point so I didn't really react much.

I just need someone...anyone... to cuddle with me. Touch, just touch. I truly do.


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