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Today at work something interesting happened. I do not like working in the plant when noone is there. My glasses as they are want to do slid down my nose. I push my glasses up and when he looks at me oddly I joke that it was the "universal sign of the geek" and gigglesnort. And he looks at me and deadpans (and he means it, I know) "You're not a geek!" I think that I am offended...I mean I know my shields are not THAT good.
Whatdoyoumean I'm not a geek!?

After the look I gave him, he said "What...well you don't act like one?"

The sexual innuendo from him is getting a little much though. It is funny so I am not sure how to proceed with it because the man truly amuses me. I mean for the most part I think innuendo and flirting is fun, but...I don't need to know that my supervisor hasn't had sex in x number of years. I don't need to know that he takes things I say in almost complete innocence in ways that he says he "can't tell me".

I saw my parents yesterday. Mom only used the word idiot once, and she had a valid point so I didn't really react much.

I just need someone...anyone... to cuddle with me. Touch, just touch. I truly do.


Feb. 14th, 2007 06:11 am
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Why is it that the day I am supposed to start work Illinois gets buried in snow!? There was no way on God's green earth that I was going to try to drive in yesterday. I was awake at 5 AM today trying to dig out my car...It proved to be impossible to get my car out as they have not plowed the roads here.

I can't get in contact with ANYONE at Gregg, so I have no idea what is going on. I've called so many times it is not even funny.



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