Nov. 12th, 2007 08:42 pm
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Okay so the annoyance of the day...besides discovering that my knuckle is infected from where I caught it on an edge at work. Owwie.

I am cleaning out our jump bag, because one of our instant hot packs burst and got nasty all over the bottom of the jump bag. What was orange is now a murky grey brown. Unacceptable. So anyway I am cleaning it out and i notice something shiny in the bottom. WTF shiny? So i look closer and there are three live lancet needles, that Have been USED in the bottom of our jump bag.

There will be NO live sharps in my jump bag damn it all! NONE! Its even worse that they were USED! Ick! Who knows what those could be crawling with.

Confidental to my sweetie: I have decided that you will be sent that date for expect it within the package. I can't just show up and not have any time with you. I love you.
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Gotta love work. I pulled a double last night, which sucked. I was stuck there for 16 hours because if noone will come in the supervisor is stuck.

First shift was uneventful we had a bunch of CEP's and Hot Work permits that we had to wade through. Though...I did manage to get my hand painted yellow. I STILL have yellow paint on my hand in the places that I was unable or unwilling to scrub off. Owwwie!

For second shift, what was amazing was not only did Marsha talk to me, she gave me pizza. It was Really really REALLY nice of her because had she not done so I would not have eaten that day since oh about 9am. We had an exciting day. I had to write a "suspicous acticity/suspicious character Incident Report"

I am still pissed off at the bank, because my debit card STILL Does not work. Damn them to the deepest pit of hell. THey send me a new one, 3 days after they turn the old one off. On top of that they did not tell me that this transition was going on. ARGH! You cannot pay for gas with a check in most places and I do not have an honest to goodness every day credit card. So yes love I do pay for EVERYTHING with my card. I am stuck. On tuesday I did not have enough money in my wallet to get to fighter practice. Now it looks like a few more days before I can fuel my car. Damn it.

On a much more chipper type note...My dad is coming up today to visit me. He gets here at 4. Which means I have 3.5 hours to wash dishes and clear my clean laundry out of the front room. Can be done. Yay dad for inpspiring cleaning.

Word of the day: Wassen


Sep. 25th, 2007 11:54 pm
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Its been quite the day.

I walked in and there was a memo posted on the wall. Memo's are interesting, not always good but usually they involve a good deal of laughter from us and the use of the phrase "How can they be so fucking stupid?" This one however began with "I'd like to announce the promotions of..."

You guessed it ladies and gentlemen...I got promoted. I'm now unit number 13, a first shift supervisor and will fall into the rotation to give Kathy and Marsha a break just as soon as I am trained. Whee!

And then my computer crashes as Richard is leaving for the shower...and I fall asleep before I can restart it and it's just not fair. I'm sorry baby. What the hell is up with me being so fucking tired all the time? Okay thats not QUITE true...If I'm not moving i'm tired.


Aug. 13th, 2007 10:50 pm
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Oh my god fucking awesome! Those are the words that describe my continuing education session in Carlock tonight. Hehehe. I called ahead to make sure they were expecting me. I was going to a class on vehicle operations, which in our jargon USUALLY means you go through the standard locations of equipment/radio and usage/ power supplies and care of an ambulance. Not today. I get to carlock and they have 3N55 (The ambulance), Engine 110 and Engine 115 out and an obstacle course set up.

I got to drive a FIRETRUCK! Through an OBSTACLE COURSE!!! It was AWESOME!! And I did AWESOME!

*giggles s'more*

I also found out that Richard doesn't like peanut butter and jelly. *gigglesnort*

Number of the day: 23
Word of the day: (actually a phrase) voor jou liefste, rood kant en kers.
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12 hours. 9 pages of paperwork. 2 fires. 2 alarms. One Incident Report. One room full of smoke. One reset panel. One surprisingly quick trainee.

Oy. I wont EVEN go into yesterday.

Going out for dinner now. I've earned that much.
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So my disaster just keeps getting better.

Today I was doing the pump tests. Normally this is a pretty easy thing, and it by itself is easy. I'm sitting in the Endeavor listening to the radio and I hear something strange. I switch off the radio and I hear a faint hiss, then a loud pop. I am suddenly engulphed in hot green gas that is poaring from all the air vents. Throwing myself out of the car I report it and promptly start trying to hack up a lung. Vaporized engine coolant/antifreeze is NOT the most pleasant of things to inhale. It seems the car blew out its heating coil. Bleh. Bleh and Bleh! It hurt, it still does a bit. My supervisor doesn't know which end was up as she couldn't figure out where to put hte air tube on the oxygen canister into the nonrebreather mask when she was treating me...AND she couldn't get the pulseoximeter to open (she was pressing on the wrong end...)

I am going to bed as I have to be at work at 2AM...I work a 12.
Grandpa is getting better.

Word of the day: ironie (yeah you figure it out)
Number of the day: 32


Jul. 29th, 2007 06:10 pm
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Hello Everyone.

It is long past time for an update from me. I don't have a lot to say as work has been crazy insane. Lots of overtime money. ALL of that is going towards my next trip out of the country. Be planning that there barbeque dearest. I think that they have 7 people that they are in the process of interviewing and such things so maybe I'll get a few days off here soon.

I am actually getting the apartment into a state of order that is livable. I attacked the front bushes until my hands ached and were bleeding in places from the nasty branches. There is a path through the disaster in my frontroom. I even have a bunch of things to put on the walls now. Some of them I even know where I want to put them! Heh. Now to find my scroll blanks.

I should be at my grandfathers birthday party today. Part of me REALLY wants to be there, and part of me is glad I did not go....Because at his birthday party he either had a stroke or a TIA or something that looks like those things. He fell down a whole bunch of times, generalized weakness (not sure of a sidedness on it), his face was twitching and he can't/won't talk. Oy.

Word of the day: olie
Number of the day: 38
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It is well past time for an update from me.

First, an apology to someone I love (they know who they are).....I responded to something I thought was a joke, and took it a little far. I'm sorry. You can, and I wish you would talk to me about that stuff, tell me Im being an idiot. I sometimes try too hard, not realizing it and I need to be taken down a peg. I never meant to hurt.

And now the updatey bits. I just got done with a 13 hour shift at the plant. I am too tired to cook so I am not going to have dinner tonight...

A few days ago at the plant we had some excitement...Someone hit one of our sprinkler lines with a fork-truck load. There was an explosion of water and then a waterfall at the end of the Trim and Final line. It was a sight to behold. I giggled a lot when I found out it was a buddy of mine who did it.

Another supervisor quit, heh, so I might put in for another supervisor position. I do not know. If it means I have to work 3rd shift I might just be okay with that. I mean, THAT would mean I would be on the same schedule as my love. That would be good.

Couple of papers and exams in both my classes. I'm doing well.

Word of the day: sterren
Number of the day: 54


Jul. 6th, 2007 08:16 pm
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Gotta love call offs....I have to go in at 2am. Well...I don't have to, but I'm a nice person and do not think that Marsha should have to work a double.

Got quite a bit accomplished in the apartment today. Sealed the bathtub so that it won't leak into Kate's bathroom, moved more furniture, cleaned the floor (AGAIN), unloaded 2 boxes, attempted sealing the floor (it worked okay)...

Kill me now?

Word of the day: avond
Number of the day: 61
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So yes in answer to the question above...yesterday I was very blonde. Though I have to say that I did have help from my employer. I worked 16 hours at the plant yesterday.

My supervisor hands me a pair of white meshlike gloves. She says we're supposed to use them when we pull fire extinguishers. Fine. I put them on, and yes they do make it less hard on the hands when you are lifting extinguishers. I notice however in the back of my brain, these are a little slick. So I'm on my way getting the ones that need to be rehydro'd and I get the one from the kitchen. Its gotta weigh 30 pounds since its full. I'm lifting it to put it into the cart, and that thing I said earlier that worried me? Out slides the extingusher from my gloved hands, hits my knee slides down my shin and bounces off my foot. Clang! I curse under my breath in several languages and limp over to get it, cause Ow. I have lovely bruises.

How glad am I that we wear steel toes in our boots? 'Cause thats what it bounced off of.
Saved me from a broken foot.

I am however bruised from tip to tail from yesterday. Blah. More later.

Word of the day: kers
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*snort* why is it that my coworkers (almost called them collegues, been listening to Richard too much) see fit to poke fun at my food choices. I bought lunch at the plant today because I was damned hungry. The only safe food there as far as I can see are the hamburgers (red meat oh yes), and the french fries were not questionable today. I do something odd with my french fries... Yes I occasionally enjoy my french fries with mayonnaise, I don't do it often but I do do it. Today was one of those days. No, it's not a terribly American custom...don't know where I picked it up actually...But it is not nasty damn it. No, your habit of only drinking your coffee stone cold, THAT is nasty. Bah.

Bicycle chains and pantlegs are a bad bad thing when put together. Ow. Owowow. I managed to stay upright but only just barely. Laws of physics I defy you to take me down! Hah! I could do without the brilliant scratches and bruised calf from the pedal hitting me when my foot slipped off of it.

I have discovered that I no longer weigh enough to trip the weight sensors on the outside of the paintshop with the bicycle! Wheeha! *happydance* I've lost close to 10 pounds since starting this job.

Squad 3 up and died today...the starter wire came off. I giggled at the poleaxed look on Mark's face when he tried to start it and nothing happened.

I know why i've been so tired recently, my body is trying to fight off a very active infection. Bah. At least it is in a place where I can drain it myself. Ouchie.

Wet, hot and sweaty do not make as good a combonation as they seem to at first glance. I am annoyed that it waited till my shift was over to open the now am I not only drenched in my own sweat, but I am wet from the rain.

I think that because it is raining there will be no fighter practice.

The song I am listening to is just gorgeous. And he is cute when he is folding laundry...
Word of the day: alsjeblieft (which I have also seen spelled with a T in the place of the J...Is there a difference? I know not.)

Random funny question: Are cows always tired...because all they ever say is Moo...?

website metrics
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Its been a hell of a few days. I feel lousy and since I feel lousy I shall update my journal. A long entry so prepare yourself.

~The Event
A friend of mine from work, Chris came to see the event and brought his son who was 13. The boy was facinated with the archery and said "God if I had armor i would be all OVER that!" Chris told me the next day that the boy had said "Dad, I know you're a history geek (he does Civil War reinactment), but these people are nuts!" SCORE!
Ended up with Second in the fencing tourney, which was nice. I missed the wins total by two. I either suck asshole or I take second'm getting more and more pleased with my performance. I undressed Baron Phillipe on the list field. Now THAT Was funny. Also organized a dinner for the Terrae Fini crowd. It tried to fuck up royally when we actually got to the resturant. They had told me when I had called a day prior that they didn't take reservations...They did. AND they were so not prepared for a group of 25, when they said that they could handle it. Everything turned out alright in the end I guess, just left Ruth stressing out a lot...

~The Past Few Days!

A coworker of mine, a lovely older woman has heard me have several conversations with Richard in the mornings before my shift starts or in the afternoon on my lunch break. In one of them (at least one) she has heard us talking about Collin. A few days ago she asked me something while I was working on a project and was focused on my objective. Conversation is as follows...
"hey Diane?"
"How old is your son"
"Oh he's 7"
"Oh that's a Great age!"
This is the moment where my brain turns on and I go "What did I just say" but by then its too late...Much too late indeed since she is already walking away...

Collin however said this the other day...
"Mommy lives in America, but Carla lives in Rotterdam"

For you my love, to tell Collin. He might find the idea amusing.

Twee mensen klimt op de ATV (een kleine robot)....Beide mensen hebben (sparks? sorry I don't know that word) vlighen op hun hoofd. Een man dansen met de robot, de andere man springen met de robot af.

I know I'm missing a few words here and there but correct me if you would in your telling of it to the boy? Or better yet...correct me here? A pair of associates climbed up on an ATV, one of our small robots. and with the sparks flying over their heads one starts to dance with the robot while the other one jumps off of it. He jumped off I think because the other associate started to make it move. Yeah. It was quite the funny thing to watch. You had to be there.
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I worked a 16 hour shift today and I have to be back in again at 6am. Bleh. My coworkers hearing that I was going to work said 16 hour shift had the cafeteria before they left fix me a boxed dinnery thingy since they knew that while I had brought Lunch, I had nothing to eat for dinner. They're awesome. My first shift in dispach went...okay.

I've never claimed to be able to drive a manual transmission vehicle. Stick shifts are bad, and I tend to avoid them whenever possible. That is not to say I cannot drive one should the necessity present itself.... Squad 3 however is a unique entity...It seems to me that being forced to ride the clutch to keep the vehicle in gear and moving is a bad thing.

I am floor two, so that also meant i had the paint shop today. Normally that means that I have the bicycle...But since we're training a new person who's not going to last a month i'd bet...I had the squad. Paint shop=flammable means....NO gas powered vehicles. Guess what Squad 3 is...I had to walk my entire fracking checklist.

My whole body aches. That on top of the fact that I got hit with a scent memory today. God it hurt. I walked up behind someone that wears the same deodorant spray/aftershave that Richard does. I was back in Amsterdam just breathing in his scent at the airport...I just want to curl up and cry and curse the world...and the oceans...And everything thats keeping me from his arms and his bed.


Apr. 20th, 2007 08:11 pm
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I (with the help of my coworkers) saved someone's life today. The drugs that I gave him, kept him alive till he could get to the Emergency Room. Its a hell of a feeling.

30 question Meme )


Apr. 20th, 2007 05:30 am
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Got home from work 1230
Got up to go back to work 0515
Turnaround time 5h45

Its going to be a long ass day.
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Well its been a while since I updated my journal. I feel like writing, and words have been knocking aroung around in my head. Eventually they will coalesce into a solid thought.

Marvel killed Captain America! Ack!

Its been one of those weeks "Another day another disaster" has been my catch phrase. If anyone wants to hear the stories of the week they can email/IM me. I think it would take way too much energy for me right now to type it all up. I have discovered that I can get from the door to the turnstyles with my eyes shut.

So I fell on my face today, got my shoelace stuck on the pedal of Squad Three as I was trying to get out. Ouch. My hips are padded, but geez. They are not padded enough that that didn't hurt. Oy.

I'm remarkably happy for having gotten an itty bitty amount of sleep and having to bust my ass at work today.
[ profile] norfacoflandra Let me know when would be a good time to work on armor again for you. Let me know what I should bring with me next time. I need to have the next day off though...cause holy crap. I dozed off twice at work.

Could not get the screw back into my glasses when the lens popped out today. Never have I been more glad of my perscription safety glasses. Yeah. It will be interesting to make the backlog scroll that I got today with those on.

I found out that one of my good friends from Wesleyan, is my Supervisors daughter. What a world eh?


Mar. 5th, 2007 07:35 pm
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Several things I have discovered today...

1. Shins, clumsiness and metal steps do not make a good combonation, and I have aquired a pair of new "notnice" bruises.

2. Every robot production line has a different song that it plays on startup. It was a beautiful thing to hear the symphony restart after lunch. I just closed my eyes and listened. Aparently when it plays the wrong song, it is a bad thing.

3. The Japanese Executives and installers should not be allowed to run around the plant without a translator. I don't speak Japanese well enough to deal, and the broken english didn't tell me anywhere near where they needed to be. I looked like a fricking idiot following them around like a lost soul.

4. When they say watch out for the lift trucks, boy howdy do they mean it!

5. I need people to make me think happy things when I'm down like this. I just don't want to deal anymore and I do not know why. I know what triggered the drop but I don't know how to get out of it.
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The joyous thing about this job and living 10 minutes from the plant is that I get all the calloffs. Whee. 2-10 today.

If anyone wants to know my schedule email me. I'd be happy (more than happy in fact) to not just go to work and then go home. There must be someone on my flist that would like to spend time with me...sorry Faelan darlin' you're too far away for me to visit.
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So [ profile] sgtgwyn I could swear you appeared at the plant today. One of our operators looks so much like you it took me a good couple of minutes of staring at her to figure out that it was not in fact you. Wow. My brain had to reboot after that one.

Interesting point of the day...One of the paint mix tanks started overflowing. Ick stinky mess all over the floor. Maintenence was....pleased....
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Today at work something interesting happened. I do not like working in the plant when noone is there. My glasses as they are want to do slid down my nose. I push my glasses up and when he looks at me oddly I joke that it was the "universal sign of the geek" and gigglesnort. And he looks at me and deadpans (and he means it, I know) "You're not a geek!" I think that I am offended...I mean I know my shields are not THAT good.
Whatdoyoumean I'm not a geek!?

After the look I gave him, he said "What...well you don't act like one?"

The sexual innuendo from him is getting a little much though. It is funny so I am not sure how to proceed with it because the man truly amuses me. I mean for the most part I think innuendo and flirting is fun, but...I don't need to know that my supervisor hasn't had sex in x number of years. I don't need to know that he takes things I say in almost complete innocence in ways that he says he "can't tell me".

I saw my parents yesterday. Mom only used the word idiot once, and she had a valid point so I didn't really react much.

I just need someone...anyone... to cuddle with me. Touch, just touch. I truly do.


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