Jun. 9th, 2008 05:36 pm
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This was from the restaurant at his mother's birthday party. Nancy was taking the picture. I had such fun that day, especially when his whole family heard me tell Collin in no uncertain terms to stop playing with my hair...in dutch...and they all started to laugh. Yes. That was a good moment. They said that I didn't speak it like an American.

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I am back in the United States. I do not want to be here. I almost laughed when the Customs and Immigration officer said "Welcome home"...

I got to my parents house and after dinner crashed hard. I would have rather crashed in my home, but it will be months till I am home again. My little house with the green door...with all the orange pennons all around. (okay those PROBABLY won't be there when I return but...) All I have is a new teddy bear that smells like him, and all the memories we made while in Oldenzaal, Enschede, and Amsterdam.

I had this crazy dream...I was on this boat with someone handsome...
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Thoughts for the day...

I got to listen to him sleep last night...It was wonderful because even though I couldn't see him I know just how peaceful he looked. There's so little of that in his life. Hearing him whisper my name in his sleep though...Gods. I cried.

It's such a beautiful thing to watch men who truly love their children. God watching Richard and Collin interact, it just fills me with such a warm fuzzy feeling. *happy sigh* Especially when he came in when he couldn't sleep. I just watched and smiled. It warms my heart.

I sang for him today. I've never really done that before for anyone.

Im toying with my necklace...I think I need to take the ring Greg gave me off of it. I've been wearing it because he was a apart of my life that was still important to me. It's not anymore. It seems wrong to wear it, even around my neck when I am so in love with someone else. I've been wearing a simple silver band on my left hand to discourage intrest from the men in the plant.

And now for what a lot of you have been waiting so patiently for...
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Okay so today was the most insanely busy day I've had at work to date. As I am decompressing I will share with those who wish to read more about my trip to the Netherlands, more about my trip!

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Mar. 27th, 2007 03:22 pm
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I tried to gather enough energy to post this last night but alas someone plied me with alcohol, and put WAY too much vodka in my drink. I didn't notice how strong it was as they did a darned good job in covering it. I didn't even try to make it back to Bloomington yesterday night.

My trip was wonderful. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more, with the sole exception of the voyage there and back. That was disasterous. I will post more about both things later, when I have had time to process it more. I want to go back more than anything. I will in time, I think that this will become a regular trip that I save for. I left part of me there.

Now the primary thought in my head is..."if I ever HAD to be happy with just one person...I think I could..."


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