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It is well past time for an update from me.

First, an apology to someone I love (they know who they are).....I responded to something I thought was a joke, and took it a little far. I'm sorry. You can, and I wish you would talk to me about that stuff, tell me Im being an idiot. I sometimes try too hard, not realizing it and I need to be taken down a peg. I never meant to hurt.

And now the updatey bits. I just got done with a 13 hour shift at the plant. I am too tired to cook so I am not going to have dinner tonight...

A few days ago at the plant we had some excitement...Someone hit one of our sprinkler lines with a fork-truck load. There was an explosion of water and then a waterfall at the end of the Trim and Final line. It was a sight to behold. I giggled a lot when I found out it was a buddy of mine who did it.

Another supervisor quit, heh, so I might put in for another supervisor position. I do not know. If it means I have to work 3rd shift I might just be okay with that. I mean, THAT would mean I would be on the same schedule as my love. That would be good.

Couple of papers and exams in both my classes. I'm doing well.

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