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Well its been a while since I updated my journal. I feel like writing, and words have been knocking aroung around in my head. Eventually they will coalesce into a solid thought.

Marvel killed Captain America! Ack!

Its been one of those weeks "Another day another disaster" has been my catch phrase. If anyone wants to hear the stories of the week they can email/IM me. I think it would take way too much energy for me right now to type it all up. I have discovered that I can get from the door to the turnstyles with my eyes shut.

So I fell on my face today, got my shoelace stuck on the pedal of Squad Three as I was trying to get out. Ouch. My hips are padded, but geez. They are not padded enough that that didn't hurt. Oy.

I'm remarkably happy for having gotten an itty bitty amount of sleep and having to bust my ass at work today.
[livejournal.com profile] norfacoflandra Let me know when would be a good time to work on armor again for you. Let me know what I should bring with me next time. I need to have the next day off though...cause holy crap. I dozed off twice at work.

Could not get the screw back into my glasses when the lens popped out today. Never have I been more glad of my perscription safety glasses. Yeah. It will be interesting to make the backlog scroll that I got today with those on.

I found out that one of my good friends from Wesleyan, is my Supervisors daughter. What a world eh?


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