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EDIT: I thought Richard knew about it and just hadn't told me...He did not. Not his fault. Not pissed off anymore.

I have decided, this is the last time that this happens.

The next time that I have to explain to a small boy why he can't have lekkers, because I didn't know I needed to buy treats for him today. Why he only has a normal lunch, when all the other kids will have special lunches because there's nothing else in the house that he can take with him to school that the teachers wont take away from him (because I didn't know I needed them today).

Only to find out that not only is today a special fun day for him at school that he has only a half day of school today which means I have to rearrange everything that I had PLANNED for the day because now I can't do them because I'll have a small boy pestering me... So now i have to get all my errands run before 1:00 because thats when he gets off of school, and I Didn't know. Noone told me!

The NEXT time it happens Mommy goes on strike. I AM TIRED OF ALWAYS BEING THE BAD GUY!!!
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Alright you get a brief update...Yay for updates.

I'm kind of an unhappy kitty, but as my house is awash in a sea of drying laundry that the laundromat didn't dry all the way I have reason to be. *shakes fist* Stoopid dryers. I made myself a nest of miscelanious sheets and blankets to sleep in, since all my bedding is in the wet laundry catagory.

Finals left a lot to be desired. Having 4 in one day is not something I would like to repeat ever. Not that I'l have to since I'm not taking any more classes for a long time. On the first two (A&P Lecture and Lab) I did rather well, I believe I ended up with an A in Anatomy and Physiology. I was not well prepared but I was prepared. My third final, my EMT-I practical Exam, was in the middle of the night for someone working on the night shift. It was the equivalent of getting up at 2 am for a regular person to take a final. I was all scrambled and Way intimidated by my test proctor, and I did not pass it, since it was pass fail. I get one more chance to retake it, on the Tuesday the 27th at 1PM. So everyone think good thoughts for me.
I WILL pass it.

I have only a few more days of work and then I get to go and be with my sweetie for 5 days. I REALLY cannot wait for Wednesday/Thursday. Wheehah.

Oh RIchard, I'm sorry I keep falling asleep on you baby...I was really trying to stay awake. Oh, and you really shouldn't let the boy surprise me like that when you know I'm sleeping. You're just lucky it was cold enough that I wore pajamas to bed.


May. 12th, 2008 09:12 am
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I am off to take final 1 out of 4 today. You know what is sad? I no longer give a shit. I'll either pass or I wont and I just...do not care.

I know it, I'm prepared...I just don't care.

Ce c'est la n'est pas?


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