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I have discovered the bestest way to wake up my husband, mainly because it's so darned cute.

Me entering room with breakfast type food and 2 cups of coffee on a tray.
Husband still laying in bed, covers up to his chin still at that moment quite asleep. A moment passes before his nose starts twitching, one eye opens and voice says "I smell coffee".
When I hold up bright purple cup full of coffee, eye closes and big smile spreads across his face.
Queue giggle, and then after stretching out some nose twitches again and then he takes his coffeecup. Husband then sticks nose over coffee and inhales, creating bigger smile and then sips. "Ahhh...Coffee coffee coffee..."

It was so darned cute.
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EDIT: I thought Richard knew about it and just hadn't told me...He did not. Not his fault. Not pissed off anymore.

I have decided, this is the last time that this happens.

The next time that I have to explain to a small boy why he can't have lekkers, because I didn't know I needed to buy treats for him today. Why he only has a normal lunch, when all the other kids will have special lunches because there's nothing else in the house that he can take with him to school that the teachers wont take away from him (because I didn't know I needed them today).

Only to find out that not only is today a special fun day for him at school that he has only a half day of school today which means I have to rearrange everything that I had PLANNED for the day because now I can't do them because I'll have a small boy pestering me... So now i have to get all my errands run before 1:00 because thats when he gets off of school, and I Didn't know. Noone told me!

The NEXT time it happens Mommy goes on strike. I AM TIRED OF ALWAYS BEING THE BAD GUY!!!
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We had an amusing night last night. Didn't start out that way, but i'm glad it ended that way. I can't remember the last time I laughed this much. He even made me snort. Not fair.

Seriously though, I was trying to explain to him while we were watching View from the Top how odd it is for me to not be spending Christmas with my family. This will be the first time that I've been away for christmas in 24 years. I;ve never decorated a house for christmas essentially by myself. I don't have my christmas stocking (Hell I don't even know where it is). Different. It doesn't feel like MY christmas. [Insert weepy girl here]
His responce to that was "No, its not your christmas, it's our christmas...we'll start making new family traditions" This of course made me smile. He kissed me after that and then laughed. When I asked what he was laughing at he said "I'm Kissing your teeth"

Much hilarity insued after that. I do so love that man.
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They don't celebrate thanksgiving here. It's impossible to get turkey (at least the kind of turkey I want) for anything but christmas it seems. Tonight we go over to his mothers house for dinner with the family, so that is good at least.

But I have my little family and I suppose that is enough. All you really ever need is someone to love you. Even if you only ever have 1. I know that more than one person loves me, even if most of them don't ever say it or show it.

On the update side of things: Fighting with boy every morning is wearing on my nerves. When he woke up this morning with a very angry "wat nu?!" (what now?!) I almost screamed at him. Instead, I said nothing, went downstairs and had a bananna to not kill him. I had to drag him physically out of bed yesterday and tell him he could go to school in his underwear if he didn't get dressed. Step mommy is tired. Very tired indeed. She is VERY much looking forward to Christmas break- with no fighting from boy. Only fighting with husband. Kidding. But at least if and when we fight it's adult fighting and about things that can be resolved. How do you get into an 8 year old mind and make it Think? It feels a lot like he doesn't know how.


Oct. 30th, 2008 07:52 am
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I feel lousy. Lousy doesn't even begin to cover it. Full sinuses, the cough, the general blehness. European bugs are NASTAY! I'm gonna go back to sleep here in a bit...I hope. Maybe i'll have enough energy to try to have dinner made tonight before he gets home.

But you know what makes me smile? The warm form next to me in the morning that grumbles at the alarm clock, that cuddles closer to me when I start coughing when his horrible annoying alarm wakes me up. Even when I'm all nastay, he loves me anyway. Can't say that for any of the other partners i've ever had.

I Love you Ditch.


Oct. 21st, 2008 06:33 am
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Guess what happens if you fall asleep with your loved one still awake? That's right... He hijacks your LJ and posts an update under your name.

So, we travelled to the US. And what fun we had. Getting out of bed at 5 am on Saturday morning sucks. More so when you really didn't get any sleep during the night. Then, after Charles dropped us off at the station, we couldn't buy our train tickets. The infernal machine would not accept the creditcard it was offered. Nor did it want the bankcard. So Charles ends up buying our tickets for us, bless him. We end up missing the train we wanted to get, but eh... The next one still got us to schiphol well in time. So, we check in and at the planned time of 11:45 am on Saturday morning we depart AMS. Boy's first flight ever. The accelleration is accompanied by an 'ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod' followed by a 'squeeee' when the big bird leaves terra-firma and reaches for the clouds.
A short hop later we find ourself at London Heathrow where we have to take the bus to get to the terminal where we will be leaving for the long flight to LAX. Almost 3 hours later we can board the next flight for the second part of out journey. No window seats this time. We're on a tripple-7 and occupy the left to center chairs of the middle row of seats. This flight will take us all the way to Los Angeles, an eleven-plus hour flight. Oh joy. The flight is made even longer by a bored boy who simply refuses to get some sleep. This resulted in neither Diane nor me getting any sleep ourselves.
Then, finally we make it to the land of Hollywood, moviestars and makebelieve where we get split up. Diane, still officially a US resident will take a different route through customs and is grilled about the many countries she visited since she left the US. Me and Collin, the foreigners, take another tour and are grilled about the reason of our visit. Papers and bags are double, tripple and quadruple-checked. When US customs finally is satisfied we get to pass and meet up with eachother again. Then it's time to pick up our luggage and meet up with Diane's father who flew in from Chicago just an hour earlier.

It is safe to say thet by this time we're all very tired. It is therefor a good thing that we can head on over to the hotel where we will be staying. It is now about 9 pm local time. That makes it 4 am CET. Almost 24 hours after we got up to start this journey. Yes, we were very happy to climb into a nice soft bed.

That about concludes our first day here. You'll be hearing from me or the rightfull owner of this here blog soon. For now, I bid you a good night.


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It's been a lousy week.
Not because of boy (though he has been a pain in the butt every once in a while), but because we've ALL been sick. Kiddo was first, getting what seems to be a variety of flu at the family reunion. I had to grab his daddy out of the food line to assist me in taking care of the poor kiddo as he was throwing up. THAT was an experience I tell you what. I should have clued in earlier that he wasn't feeling well as he was sleeping in my lap on the way in. I don't think he's ever done that before. Surprisingly though at the family reunion I found that a lot of them speak fairly good english, but I got tired of grown men leaning over to their children... Pointing at me and saying "See her, she speaks only English."
It was fun, don't get me wrong. But the gibberish of Dutch got a little overwhelming for me. I had to go escape for a while and sit and watch.

I can understand people if they speak slowly and directly to me. Sometimes I can follow the conversations going on around me. And that It would seem is damn good for someone who has only been in the country for 2 weeks. Today though, one of the mothers said that she thought I was kinda crazy,. but then she realized that I had had a fly buzz right into my face. Im not really sure what to think of that one. I think I will just leave it be.

Tomarrow I spend the afternoon with his mother... Should go well as she seems to like me.

OH! I almost forgot. They DO wear the wooden shoes here! I saw them! Someone wearing them! Squee!

I leave you with this thought.
This is not everything I thought it would be... And yet, I can find nothing wrong with it to make me think that. Odd. I'm actually happy. Who would have ever thought it.


Sep. 10th, 2008 08:45 am
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It's been wonderful and frustrating all in the same attractive package that I fell for so long ago.

Boy is putting me through my paces, in a contest of wills much like the one I had with my mother. It is quite reminicient of me in grade and high school. Truly I need to not lose this contest of wills but, I also need to not react badly to it. I'm not as of yet sure how to do that, but I haven't really yelled at him yet. I hope I never get to that point. It is VERY frustrating though, trying to get an 8 year old to do something that he doesn't really want to do.

I just don't understand where the wonderful loving child goes when I ask him to do something. I don't know what to do about it either. I'm not very good at this whole parenting thing, especially when he knows very well that I am not his mother. I don't want to be his mother, but I am not sure that I can be his friend and have him listen to me. I wish someone could tell me how to do it but I know that I just have to figure it out for myself.

I'm only 10 days in, I know it will get better.
He's going to be a very unhappy boy when his father gets home.


Jun. 26th, 2008 08:37 pm
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Since I can't sleep....
I have a beer and a blanket and I will fall asleep I guess, I just have a few things on my mind.

My dad picked me up from the airport when I came back from Amsterdam. I wasn't really happy to be back in the States but at the same time it is what I'm used to. It strikes me that I am very much accustomed to being unhappy and hiding it. Maybe one of these days I should examine that...but I digress.

I told my dad that Richard had proposed to me. His response was "oh that's interesting." which led to an interesting (read really upsetting) conversation about how much I hadn't thought this through and how I really don't know Richard at all. I ended the conversation with "Well I'm happy, what more do you want?"

Now....I called home a few days ago (maybe my main problem?) And I talked to dad a bit. I told him how things were going and how unsure I was about planning a wedding having never done it before...And the conversation goes as follows...

"so you're actually getting married to Richard?"
"Yes...I thought I made that clear"
"Well I didn't know you'd accepted..."
And he says "Well you tell us what you want and we'll make sure it happens...that's the responsibility of the bride's family...you really do need to tell your mother though."

So what the heck happened to my dad? Mr. You-don't-know-what-the-fuck-you're-doing?

Are you sure we can't elope love?


Jun. 10th, 2008 06:18 pm
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June 2nd.
It was cool, and drizzley and I was looking out the window at the city of Amsterdam. The gentle rocking of the boat put me at ease and was quickly rocking me to sleep. We had been walking about Amsterdam all day and it is a city of beauty beyond measure. But just shy of Midnight the city took on new meaning for me as [livejournal.com profile] dutch_ditch asked me to marry him. 8 hours before I had to leave him behind.



Jun. 9th, 2008 05:36 pm
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This was from the restaurant at his mother's birthday party. Nancy was taking the picture. I had such fun that day, especially when his whole family heard me tell Collin in no uncertain terms to stop playing with my hair...in dutch...and they all started to laugh. Yes. That was a good moment. They said that I didn't speak it like an American.

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I am back in the United States. I do not want to be here. I almost laughed when the Customs and Immigration officer said "Welcome home"...

I got to my parents house and after dinner crashed hard. I would have rather crashed in my home, but it will be months till I am home again. My little house with the green door...with all the orange pennons all around. (okay those PROBABLY won't be there when I return but...) All I have is a new teddy bear that smells like him, and all the memories we made while in Oldenzaal, Enschede, and Amsterdam.

I had this crazy dream...I was on this boat with someone handsome...
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2 plane rides and 12 hours later...
I was in his arms. There is joy to be found in the world, now if only I didn't have to leave.

It was not a bad flight all in all, but I have to say that Iberia has some of the best pilots that I have ever encountered. All in spanish though, with broken english bits. I was travelling completely by accident with a young woman who had odviously never been to Europe before. She was doing the whole "oh my god, noone's going to understand me, noone speaks english, oh look at the tiny cars they're so cute..." thing. It was irritating but it was cute all the same. She has no idea what she is getting into backpacking across Europe.

Doing the whole, domestic thing with the man I love was and still is wonderful. Weet je dat ik van je houd? We had a bit of alone time before we had to pick up the boy from school. He was Really happy to see me. It was really really cute. We went to Enschede for groceries and wandered around for a while. It was fun, up until Collin got lost. I did not need that blast of adrenalin on top of jet lag. It was scary, expecially when we could not find him.

Oh, and the next time he asks me to take the boy to school...He WILL provide directions. THere will be none of this "Oh the boy knows the way..." I got so lost coming back, I had to backtrack to the school and then try to meander my way back to Het Nardusboer. It was a nice walk, but it was annoying.

More later.

Oh...Ix...Know you where I can get a Mac cord with a Dutch plug connection, or do I just use a regular adapter for the life of the computer?
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Alright you get a brief update...Yay for updates.

I'm kind of an unhappy kitty, but as my house is awash in a sea of drying laundry that the laundromat didn't dry all the way I have reason to be. *shakes fist* Stoopid dryers. I made myself a nest of miscelanious sheets and blankets to sleep in, since all my bedding is in the wet laundry catagory.

Finals left a lot to be desired. Having 4 in one day is not something I would like to repeat ever. Not that I'l have to since I'm not taking any more classes for a long time. On the first two (A&P Lecture and Lab) I did rather well, I believe I ended up with an A in Anatomy and Physiology. I was not well prepared but I was prepared. My third final, my EMT-I practical Exam, was in the middle of the night for someone working on the night shift. It was the equivalent of getting up at 2 am for a regular person to take a final. I was all scrambled and Way intimidated by my test proctor, and I did not pass it, since it was pass fail. I get one more chance to retake it, on the Tuesday the 27th at 1PM. So everyone think good thoughts for me.
I WILL pass it.

I have only a few more days of work and then I get to go and be with my sweetie for 5 days. I REALLY cannot wait for Wednesday/Thursday. Wheehah.

Oh RIchard, I'm sorry I keep falling asleep on you baby...I was really trying to stay awake. Oh, and you really shouldn't let the boy surprise me like that when you know I'm sleeping. You're just lucky it was cold enough that I wore pajamas to bed.
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Things I have to do before moving: Taking into account that my lease expires July 1.

Get Birth Certificate from Safe deposit box
Get Birth Certificate Translated into Dutch
Get document that says I am not married
Get document translated into Dutch
Go to consulate/embassy in Chicago and see if I need any more documentation
Check passport date (Done)
Get 2 passport size pictures
Go through stuff, see what I can get rid of. (Have already begun this)
Pack up stuff I want to take with me.
Have yard sale for the rest of the stuff.
FIgure out How exactly I am going to manage an international move with essentially no help.
Start to figure out what I am going to do there by way of a job or schooling.
Sell Car.
Take EMT-I exam...and pass.
Purchase one way plane ticket

Manage to throughout the entire process not murder my parents for their lack of support, and/or avoid them entirely.
Try not to listen to the little voice in my head that says "Your parents are right, you are too stupid to do this..."

Try not to lose my mind.

He's worth it. They're worth it.
Word of the day: anbiddelijk


Nov. 30th, 2007 03:09 pm
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Miss it. Need it. There is no substitute for it.
August is too long of a wait.
Love you handsome.

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He is mine. He is wonderful. He woke me up this morning because I forgot to set my alarm.
I adore him. Best way to wake up tht I have right now. It is time for Rice Crispies, uniform and the daily grind.

Weet je dat ik van je houd? Met heel mijn hart en ziel. Ik altijd wel.


Sep. 25th, 2007 11:54 pm
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Its been quite the day.

I walked in and there was a memo posted on the wall. Memo's are interesting, not always good but usually they involve a good deal of laughter from us and the use of the phrase "How can they be so fucking stupid?" This one however began with "I'd like to announce the promotions of..."

You guessed it ladies and gentlemen...I got promoted. I'm now unit number 13, a first shift supervisor and will fall into the rotation to give Kathy and Marsha a break just as soon as I am trained. Whee!

And then my computer crashes as Richard is leaving for the shower...and I fall asleep before I can restart it and it's just not fair. I'm sorry baby. What the hell is up with me being so fucking tired all the time? Okay thats not QUITE true...If I'm not moving i'm tired.
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Okay so maybe 3 AM is not so bad of a time to wake up. I got to watch the boy and his father interact from the sidelines. I love that. So then he comes to the computer and looks right at me, asking something about the Camera and me. I think it was if I could see but I can't recall. I said goedemorgen of course cause I could see...and Richard bless him had already turned on the speakers.

We talked, we actually communicated!!! He understood me!!!! He even turned to his Daddy to repeat what I said when he asked. WHEE!
I am of course beyond excited by a tiny little breakthrough that really means nothing.


Sep. 23rd, 2007 03:17 am
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It's 315 in the morning and I do not know why I am awake. Yesterday or the day before when I was awake at near to this time it was because Kate was calling in her cats. Yeah, at least for that I could go right back to sleep.

I am watching 2 of my favorite people in the world. One is on the floor, playing with something noisy as young boys do. The other is in bed. I want to be in that bed curled up in his arms like I was a few days ago. I hate sleeping alone.

A bit of randomocity:
Vandaag is rood. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCti-yENAG0
It's a fucking Aldi.
The backseat....hee
Im not crying this morning. (an improvement)
No I do not remember the length of my corset lacings...sorry luv.


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