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This whole switching shifts, morning to night to morning without even 24 hours in between...Not working so well. Dad asked me yesterday "Why can't you just drive home to get your stuff, it's not very far! Why should we go out of our way to bring it to you?"

1. Well I thought you wanted to see me.
2. I've switched shifts 3 times in the last week.
3. I am notorious for falling asleep at the wheel, and not realizing it.

At least I am not on shift this time with an arrogant, self centered, egotistical, barely 19 year old asshat who was training me yesterday. *sigh* Mimicing me, and making fun of my speech patterns and just generally being an Immature 19. I've been told I've had my moments where I acted like that....If I ever do it again will one of you shoot me? Please?

Off to work.


Feb. 14th, 2007 09:29 pm
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I've done a lot of updating in the past few days. It's my journal after all! They finally called me at 9:30...I didn't get the message until Noonish. *shrug* THey thought it was funny that My little car was stuck. HAhah...Real funny

I wish today had been a good day. I mean it wasn't horrible but...It was bright (good) and damn cold (bad). I don't even know when I started shovelling snow. Oh wait...5 AM! We got 17 inches of snow I think yesterday. While I was clearing off Kate's driveway I turned around to see Dawn's Neighbors shovelling their snow onto my car, which I had already cleared.

Now I can't start my car, battery is dead for some reason. *Sigh* It was only on for 15 minutes today and has a full gas tank. I do not know why the battery would be dead.

Hell of a Valentines Day. Singles awareness anyone? I will post my musings on love later, when I'm in a better mood. I really, really, REALLY need a project. Either that or someone shoot me.
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Mom is...annoying. How the hell is it my fault that she is helping dad with stuff in her dress clothes? My responce to that was "Well why didn't you change?" *shrug* Wrong thing to say I guess since her responce was decidedly unhappy. Aparently if Dad hurt's himself falling off a ladder (which Dad has never done...) that I am shit out of luck. Her words. Because being 5-6 feet in the air if you fall it is unlikely that you do serious damage to yourself. It's not a significant mechanism of injury. Yep, cause I really dont give a shit if my daddy falls off a ladder... *SIGH* Nice...

Things I have discovered today:
Ladders, especially wobbly ones are bad for Dianes.
The red pears in the drawer, are not ripe. yech...

/sarcasm I love my life.

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Ink Rant

Oct. 27th, 2006 02:52 pm
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Okay so this is a very SCA related rant...

I Hate...HATE when things are not like the labels say they are. Ink that says it is waterproof should...BE...WATERPROOF!!! AGH! A perfectly good Illumination...RUINED!



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