Oct. 22nd, 2007 08:41 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] norfacoflandra

I did something today I have never done before for as long as I can remember.
I did not, when approached with a needle (one the intended on putting into me), faint, turn white/grey, get the hot/cold sweat, or any other negative associations with phobias that I USUALLY get when I aforementioned needle comes at me.

I was very impressed with myself. I'd been thinking recently about fear, fear and the things that frighten me. I realized that some of these fears that i've had may have in fact been imposed on me...and they MAY Not be thing's Im actually afraid of.
Perhaps other fears could be conquered as well....Like....Falling?
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This whole switching shifts, morning to night to morning without even 24 hours in between...Not working so well. Dad asked me yesterday "Why can't you just drive home to get your stuff, it's not very far! Why should we go out of our way to bring it to you?"

1. Well I thought you wanted to see me.
2. I've switched shifts 3 times in the last week.
3. I am notorious for falling asleep at the wheel, and not realizing it.

At least I am not on shift this time with an arrogant, self centered, egotistical, barely 19 year old asshat who was training me yesterday. *sigh* Mimicing me, and making fun of my speech patterns and just generally being an Immature 19. I've been told I've had my moments where I acted like that....If I ever do it again will one of you shoot me? Please?

Off to work.
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Okay so today was my first real day at work. It was an eye opening experiance. I need to loose some weight because, these pants either are cut bvery small or this size doesn't fit. That's bad. That however is not relevant to my story.
I spent the morning with a supervisor that tried everything to get me to react. It was hard because the man was damned funny. He kept teasing me about me staring wideeyed and/or openmouthed at things in the plant.
Working at an automotive production plant is an interesting experiance even if you are only uniformed security. There are some smells in there that I care never to repeat. The Slag pit for instance. The second part of the day was spent with someone who is younger than I. Damn.
But the best part came about 2 hours into my day when we were making rounds of the fire panels. Robots! Rooms full of robots! Ones that move about the plant on preprogrammed tracks that sing "mary had a little lamb" as they move. Giant ones they call Godzilla's that are bigger than most cars! And then there was the biggest one...The giant presses, that when they come down the floor beneith you shakes. I think my favorite ones though were the ones that were welding that threw sparks 40 feet in the air.

Saturday 6A-2P
Sunday 6A-2P
Monday 10P-6A
Tuesday 10P-6A

Maybe I can make it to Illiton's Fighter practice after work on Tuesday. Heh! I might pass out afterwards though. Debating...

Dawn just put one of my Bra's on the dog. Woof.


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