Jul. 12th, 2008 07:48 am
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As in everything in my spare room is....okay well thats an exadduration but the fact of the matter is every pan, every large bowl, every pot in my home is in my spare room catching the drips that are falling from the ceiling. AAAAGH!!! I have no idea how much is ruined...as it was my storage area for stuff that I would be taking to Netherlands. Again I say....AAAAGH!!

Phrase of the day: Hoe gaat het?
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Things I have to do before moving: Taking into account that my lease expires July 1.

Get Birth Certificate from Safe deposit box
Get Birth Certificate Translated into Dutch
Get document that says I am not married
Get document translated into Dutch
Go to consulate/embassy in Chicago and see if I need any more documentation
Check passport date (Done)
Get 2 passport size pictures
Go through stuff, see what I can get rid of. (Have already begun this)
Pack up stuff I want to take with me.
Have yard sale for the rest of the stuff.
FIgure out How exactly I am going to manage an international move with essentially no help.
Start to figure out what I am going to do there by way of a job or schooling.
Sell Car.
Take EMT-I exam...and pass.
Purchase one way plane ticket

Manage to throughout the entire process not murder my parents for their lack of support, and/or avoid them entirely.
Try not to listen to the little voice in my head that says "Your parents are right, you are too stupid to do this..."

Try not to lose my mind.

He's worth it. They're worth it.
Word of the day: anbiddelijk


Jul. 3rd, 2007 06:23 pm
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May I just say that I HATE packing. It is kind of fun in a warped sort of way to go through the things that you loved as a child, that still inhabit your bedroom.Wow.
I shake my head at what a geeky kid I was. No wisecracks please?

I've thrown a lot of useless, never needed, never want to see again, junk out. Recycled a lot too.

I have a bit more stuff than I remember having but that is okay. I am not moving all of it. How is it that people as a whole accumulate so much STUFF? Lots and lots of boxes. The only big pieces are the bed and mattress, desk, dresser, pair of chairs and a trio of bookshelves. Thats not too bad. A U-haul truck will be rented in the morning.

Back to the grind.

Word of the day: kamer
Number of the day: 64


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