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This had potential to be a good day, because Mom even brought home ice cream and was nice for a while and everything. But alas, the last conversation of the night...

"your thing this weekend you're leaving tomarrow right?"

"Thats right"

"you're staying in Urbana?"

"yes, at the Lincoln Hotel"

"and this person from Minnesota is picking you up?"

"Yes he is"

"Wait this friend you are staying with a boy?"


"you can't share a room with a boy"

"why not?"

"he's a boy!"

"Thats not a good enough reason"

"its innappropriate, think of the concequences"

"What concequences? It certainly doesn't bother me, just because we're sharing a room doesn't mean i'm going to fuck him"

"What happens with people when they get drunk, do drugs and you don't even know the concequences?"

"Wait, just because I am sharing a room with a member of the opposite sex means that we're going to do these things?"

"Well what if He comes back drunk and uncontrollable"

I merely laugh, because there is very little that I could not handle, especially in a hotel full of SCA people. Not only that I trust Faelan quite a lot. Not that I think a drunken make out session with you would be a bad thing, but I am very careful...no drunken sex. Its bad luck for me. And I think by now that she's just insane.


"We're not going to get drunk mom..."

"You think i'm being rediculous, don't you?"

"Yes actually I do"

"Well, I think you're acting in such a way to make people question your morals, your integrity and your honor...if you have any...why can't you share a room with another Woman?"


"Sooner or later you're going to do things that people believe are unacceptable, and you're never going to get jobs, or into school, its probably why you got fired... There are moral standards for behavior! Theres a set of boundries that people have, no matter how openminded they say that they are, that when you step over them you will pay for it. I can't believe you are that stupid. Someday...Its a shame you don't have more pride...."

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Mom is...annoying. How the hell is it my fault that she is helping dad with stuff in her dress clothes? My responce to that was "Well why didn't you change?" *shrug* Wrong thing to say I guess since her responce was decidedly unhappy. Aparently if Dad hurt's himself falling off a ladder (which Dad has never done...) that I am shit out of luck. Her words. Because being 5-6 feet in the air if you fall it is unlikely that you do serious damage to yourself. It's not a significant mechanism of injury. Yep, cause I really dont give a shit if my daddy falls off a ladder... *SIGH* Nice...

Things I have discovered today:
Ladders, especially wobbly ones are bad for Dianes.
The red pears in the drawer, are not ripe. yech...

/sarcasm I love my life.

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