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I am full of donner and spicy fried potatos. My husband vaccuumed the house and I got to spend parts of the afternoon cleaning the grass out of our backyard brickwork. My butt is sore from the bike ride we took the other day doing something called Geocaching.I'm cuddled up with someone handsome watching the discovery channel right now. It's a shame that his face is all cut up, the stitches do not look good on him. I have pergamenta to play with later, and things to paint.
We still have an ant problem but that soon enough solved I hope.

Life is good.

Small boy.

Mar. 20th, 2009 01:53 pm
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So we had a meltdown today at lunch.
When I took his airplane away (after having asked and told him 7 times to take it back upstairs, I was trying to clean to get stuff ready for HIS birthday party. He turns 9 Saturday.) He freaked out. After the screaming and crying was done, he looked at me and said that he wished I would just go back to America.

Love it. .
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The office is this months project. I want my own space in the house so...I must make it. Because the list has now begun to make me giggle. This is the List of things that do not belong in the computer room/office of a home.

1. Toilet bowl cleaner
2. Aftershave
3. Old used toothbrushes
4. Boxes full of old motherboards/modems/circuitboards
5. Earrings
Anything that does not at this time work.

On the other hand there are things that I was glad to find:

1. Old family photos (richard in school, his batallion ambulance, collin's sonogram photos)
2. Every letter i've ever sent him
3. Stories written in his own handwriting
4. box full of crystals and other polished stones.
5. Gum erasers (awesome!)
6. A penile shaped bottle opener

Im sure this will get updated during the day...


Nov. 24th, 2008 01:19 pm
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So, with all the rain here near every day...I was wondering if winter ever really came to this crazy country.

It's been snowing a little bit the past couple of days. I've been pretty happy with the flurries, as I love to watch it snow from the privacy and warmth of my own home. Oh FYI, riding one's bike in the snow, not the greatest of idea's ever. But it wasn't ME who rode into a parked car yesterday. Hehe. So this morning I wake up and there is a good inch of snow on everything.

Wicked Awesome.
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It's been a lousy week.
Not because of boy (though he has been a pain in the butt every once in a while), but because we've ALL been sick. Kiddo was first, getting what seems to be a variety of flu at the family reunion. I had to grab his daddy out of the food line to assist me in taking care of the poor kiddo as he was throwing up. THAT was an experience I tell you what. I should have clued in earlier that he wasn't feeling well as he was sleeping in my lap on the way in. I don't think he's ever done that before. Surprisingly though at the family reunion I found that a lot of them speak fairly good english, but I got tired of grown men leaning over to their children... Pointing at me and saying "See her, she speaks only English."
It was fun, don't get me wrong. But the gibberish of Dutch got a little overwhelming for me. I had to go escape for a while and sit and watch.

I can understand people if they speak slowly and directly to me. Sometimes I can follow the conversations going on around me. And that It would seem is damn good for someone who has only been in the country for 2 weeks. Today though, one of the mothers said that she thought I was kinda crazy,. but then she realized that I had had a fly buzz right into my face. Im not really sure what to think of that one. I think I will just leave it be.

Tomarrow I spend the afternoon with his mother... Should go well as she seems to like me.

OH! I almost forgot. They DO wear the wooden shoes here! I saw them! Someone wearing them! Squee!

I leave you with this thought.
This is not everything I thought it would be... And yet, I can find nothing wrong with it to make me think that. Odd. I'm actually happy. Who would have ever thought it.
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Hey life? This isn't funny. Quit fucking around and get it right.

I just want to be happy. Is that really too much to ask?

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Alright you get a brief update...Yay for updates.

I'm kind of an unhappy kitty, but as my house is awash in a sea of drying laundry that the laundromat didn't dry all the way I have reason to be. *shakes fist* Stoopid dryers. I made myself a nest of miscelanious sheets and blankets to sleep in, since all my bedding is in the wet laundry catagory.

Finals left a lot to be desired. Having 4 in one day is not something I would like to repeat ever. Not that I'l have to since I'm not taking any more classes for a long time. On the first two (A&P Lecture and Lab) I did rather well, I believe I ended up with an A in Anatomy and Physiology. I was not well prepared but I was prepared. My third final, my EMT-I practical Exam, was in the middle of the night for someone working on the night shift. It was the equivalent of getting up at 2 am for a regular person to take a final. I was all scrambled and Way intimidated by my test proctor, and I did not pass it, since it was pass fail. I get one more chance to retake it, on the Tuesday the 27th at 1PM. So everyone think good thoughts for me.
I WILL pass it.

I have only a few more days of work and then I get to go and be with my sweetie for 5 days. I REALLY cannot wait for Wednesday/Thursday. Wheehah.

Oh RIchard, I'm sorry I keep falling asleep on you baby...I was really trying to stay awake. Oh, and you really shouldn't let the boy surprise me like that when you know I'm sleeping. You're just lucky it was cold enough that I wore pajamas to bed.


Apr. 3rd, 2008 01:55 pm
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I will never forget today as long as I live.
Nor will I ever forget the face of the young woman who bled out under my hands as I did CPR...

I cannot describe in words right now how I feel.
Only another healthcare professional would understand where I am right now.
I will post more about it once the police have released her name and the information on what happened.

I hope she is at peace.
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So my disaster just keeps getting better.

Today I was doing the pump tests. Normally this is a pretty easy thing, and it by itself is easy. I'm sitting in the Endeavor listening to the radio and I hear something strange. I switch off the radio and I hear a faint hiss, then a loud pop. I am suddenly engulphed in hot green gas that is poaring from all the air vents. Throwing myself out of the car I report it and promptly start trying to hack up a lung. Vaporized engine coolant/antifreeze is NOT the most pleasant of things to inhale. It seems the car blew out its heating coil. Bleh. Bleh and Bleh! It hurt, it still does a bit. My supervisor doesn't know which end was up as she couldn't figure out where to put hte air tube on the oxygen canister into the nonrebreather mask when she was treating me...AND she couldn't get the pulseoximeter to open (she was pressing on the wrong end...)

I am going to bed as I have to be at work at 2AM...I work a 12.
Grandpa is getting better.

Word of the day: ironie (yeah you figure it out)
Number of the day: 32


Jul. 29th, 2007 06:10 pm
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Hello Everyone.

It is long past time for an update from me. I don't have a lot to say as work has been crazy insane. Lots of overtime money. ALL of that is going towards my next trip out of the country. Be planning that there barbeque dearest. I think that they have 7 people that they are in the process of interviewing and such things so maybe I'll get a few days off here soon.

I am actually getting the apartment into a state of order that is livable. I attacked the front bushes until my hands ached and were bleeding in places from the nasty branches. There is a path through the disaster in my frontroom. I even have a bunch of things to put on the walls now. Some of them I even know where I want to put them! Heh. Now to find my scroll blanks.

I should be at my grandfathers birthday party today. Part of me REALLY wants to be there, and part of me is glad I did not go....Because at his birthday party he either had a stroke or a TIA or something that looks like those things. He fell down a whole bunch of times, generalized weakness (not sure of a sidedness on it), his face was twitching and he can't/won't talk. Oy.

Word of the day: olie
Number of the day: 38
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When I get lonely...I do things to keep myself from thinking about it. Since I miss that sweet Dutch man that I have come to love a great deal at the moment...I was VERY productive today when I got home from class.

Not that anyone particularly cares what all I did, but it's my journal and i'll post about what I want.

I got a few groceries, rearranged furniture in the bedroom, culled clothing, put down the new floor rug, emptied 2 boxes and started to pick up the disaster that is my floor and backroom.

Hoeveel dagen liefste?

Word of the day: hemel
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It is well past time for an update from me.

First, an apology to someone I love (they know who they are).....I responded to something I thought was a joke, and took it a little far. I'm sorry. You can, and I wish you would talk to me about that stuff, tell me Im being an idiot. I sometimes try too hard, not realizing it and I need to be taken down a peg. I never meant to hurt.

And now the updatey bits. I just got done with a 13 hour shift at the plant. I am too tired to cook so I am not going to have dinner tonight...

A few days ago at the plant we had some excitement...Someone hit one of our sprinkler lines with a fork-truck load. There was an explosion of water and then a waterfall at the end of the Trim and Final line. It was a sight to behold. I giggled a lot when I found out it was a buddy of mine who did it.

Another supervisor quit, heh, so I might put in for another supervisor position. I do not know. If it means I have to work 3rd shift I might just be okay with that. I mean, THAT would mean I would be on the same schedule as my love. That would be good.

Couple of papers and exams in both my classes. I'm doing well.

Word of the day: sterren
Number of the day: 54


Jul. 3rd, 2007 06:23 pm
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May I just say that I HATE packing. It is kind of fun in a warped sort of way to go through the things that you loved as a child, that still inhabit your bedroom.Wow.
I shake my head at what a geeky kid I was. No wisecracks please?

I've thrown a lot of useless, never needed, never want to see again, junk out. Recycled a lot too.

I have a bit more stuff than I remember having but that is okay. I am not moving all of it. How is it that people as a whole accumulate so much STUFF? Lots and lots of boxes. The only big pieces are the bed and mattress, desk, dresser, pair of chairs and a trio of bookshelves. Thats not too bad. A U-haul truck will be rented in the morning.

Back to the grind.

Word of the day: kamer
Number of the day: 64


Jun. 12th, 2007 11:32 pm
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Tired but can't sleep, laying in bed pondering life. Mine in particular, my future in specific.
Its not wrong to dream, and such dreams Do I have. There is such possibility...Such hope and yet. I want it now.

Don't want to wait any more.

I was just silly on the phone. My timing was off. That is okay it will make the man I love smile. I hope. Maybe.

Laying back down now. Carpet tack strips are evil, so are staples.

Word of the day: lief


Jun. 8th, 2007 07:34 pm
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I just read a LJ post. It made me cry. How does he know me so well. And how does he manage to eliminate any fears with a single word? That word was simply "no." It was how it was said.

There are not words, for how much I love this man...
There will never be enough words in English, Dutch or any language I could ever try to learn.

I am reminded of these words, and they are as true now as they were when I first read them.
Ik houd zo ontzettend veel van jou mijn lief. Laat me jou alstjebleift nooit kwijtraken.

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I am trying to figure out a why. WHY my insecurities come out even when I know they're not valid. There's something thats really bothering me. It's really bothering me. I know why I'm insecure about this particular thing. But...My head knows its not valid. Why is it scaring me so much?

What the hell?
I'm hungry...

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May. 30th, 2007 10:39 pm
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I talked to the landlord of the place next door again today. He thanked me for of all things "being a pest" about the apartment. It's true though, I do not give up easily on things that I want. Now I have been a pest but it seems the man is not going to do anything for the apartment unless I pester him. It's not the best of apartments but I really like it.

Supposedly he is coming to Bloomington tomarrow and he is going to talk to me about the terms of the lease. That means I could potentially move in in June or July. It depends on how quickly I can get stuff done in it. He's going to credit my rent for the work I do in the place.

September absolutely cannot come soon enough.

Word of the day: regenen
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So yes in answer to the question above...yesterday I was very blonde. Though I have to say that I did have help from my employer. I worked 16 hours at the plant yesterday.

My supervisor hands me a pair of white meshlike gloves. She says we're supposed to use them when we pull fire extinguishers. Fine. I put them on, and yes they do make it less hard on the hands when you are lifting extinguishers. I notice however in the back of my brain, these are a little slick. So I'm on my way getting the ones that need to be rehydro'd and I get the one from the kitchen. Its gotta weigh 30 pounds since its full. I'm lifting it to put it into the cart, and that thing I said earlier that worried me? Out slides the extingusher from my gloved hands, hits my knee slides down my shin and bounces off my foot. Clang! I curse under my breath in several languages and limp over to get it, cause Ow. I have lovely bruises.

How glad am I that we wear steel toes in our boots? 'Cause thats what it bounced off of.
Saved me from a broken foot.

I am however bruised from tip to tail from yesterday. Blah. More later.

Word of the day: kers
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I suppose that yogurt is an acceptable alternative to put on your cereal....when it is 0520 AM and you realize there is no milk in the house. Breakfast for me is a required thing.

God it reminds me of Oldenzaal and Richard though. In a he should be here beside me kind of a way.
I get holiday pay this weekend...Yay for that at least.

Word of the day: eenzaam

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Day off.

May. 17th, 2007 09:22 pm
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I spoke to the landlord of the place I want to rent... It's an older house and needs some work but its a nice place. I could do good things with decorating it. *sigh* I'm not sure I want to pay $450 a month for it though. While thats a good deal for a 2 bedroom apartment, and this one is bigger than most...I think I could do better. I just love the fact that I would have a backyard to play in with this place. Gardening...mmm. The idea of having my own space. To do what I want with it. To share it with whomever I please.

I got the most adorable pictures today. They make me smile just looking at them. I've worn a smile all day. One of them is my new desktop image. Have I mentioned today how much I adore that handsome man that sent them to me?

Word of the day: lekker


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