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It was an interesting first day...Lots and lots and lots of paperwork. There are even bits of paperwork that I have to do that I didn't know I have to do yet. Letters of good standing from the last EMS office I worked for. Yeah. I have to find out who the EMS medical director is for Elgin and then get a letter from her. I was in good standing when they fired me so it should all be good. Then I have to take the protocol exams to get into the system for this silly county.

Got my uniforms, they're not horrible looking. They have pants in that storage closet that I could swear are a million years old. They're very shrunk, and I had to try on 6 pairs to find one that fit. I was supposed to have 4 so you do the math. The only problem I have with it is that socks are a required part of the dress code. *sigh*

My supervisor walked in as I was getting glassy eyed at the security officers videos. Not the best time to surprise me by appearing behind me but thats what he did. I am amazed that he could sneak up on me, must've been concentrating...and there were 12 of the videos. Yuk!

The bit that has me concerned is this...They were just sold to another company so effective April 1 I may not have a job. That is why they didn't start me last Tuesday. Mitsubishi asked them to hire on all of the people that work for Gregg, but who knows if that is actually going to happen or not. Even if it does I still have to go through the application and interview process all over again!

I train Tomarrow, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Good News!

Feb. 5th, 2007 11:14 pm
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I have a job! Its in Bloomington so for a period of time I will occupy [livejournal.com profile] blackcatterand Dawn's Couch! Whee!

Now i have to figure my shit out but I'm happy. Very Happy!
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I have an interview Finally with Lucas Ambulance Company in Hodgkins tomarrow morning. I don't even know where that is...

Keep your fingers crossed for me eh?


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