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So my disaster just keeps getting better.

Today I was doing the pump tests. Normally this is a pretty easy thing, and it by itself is easy. I'm sitting in the Endeavor listening to the radio and I hear something strange. I switch off the radio and I hear a faint hiss, then a loud pop. I am suddenly engulphed in hot green gas that is poaring from all the air vents. Throwing myself out of the car I report it and promptly start trying to hack up a lung. Vaporized engine coolant/antifreeze is NOT the most pleasant of things to inhale. It seems the car blew out its heating coil. Bleh. Bleh and Bleh! It hurt, it still does a bit. My supervisor doesn't know which end was up as she couldn't figure out where to put hte air tube on the oxygen canister into the nonrebreather mask when she was treating me...AND she couldn't get the pulseoximeter to open (she was pressing on the wrong end...)

I am going to bed as I have to be at work at 2AM...I work a 12.
Grandpa is getting better.

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Jul. 30th, 2007 07:41 pm
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Aparently grandpa is really not doing well. That seems to be an understatement from what I understand from my mother.

He had 6 TIA's on Thursday and a massive stroke on Friday which lodged a clot in the Pons. For those of you not in the know the Pons is part of the brainstem and controls a lot of the body's autonomic functions and acts as a relay for sensory information. He can't speak, or swallow, or really move at all...There is very little function left.

The outlook...not good. If he ever regains function he's going to be in an assisted living facility for the rest of his life. The problem for me is...a few years ago he took me aside and begged, begged me not to ever let him end his days like that.


Jul. 29th, 2007 06:10 pm
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Hello Everyone.

It is long past time for an update from me. I don't have a lot to say as work has been crazy insane. Lots of overtime money. ALL of that is going towards my next trip out of the country. Be planning that there barbeque dearest. I think that they have 7 people that they are in the process of interviewing and such things so maybe I'll get a few days off here soon.

I am actually getting the apartment into a state of order that is livable. I attacked the front bushes until my hands ached and were bleeding in places from the nasty branches. There is a path through the disaster in my frontroom. I even have a bunch of things to put on the walls now. Some of them I even know where I want to put them! Heh. Now to find my scroll blanks.

I should be at my grandfathers birthday party today. Part of me REALLY wants to be there, and part of me is glad I did not go....Because at his birthday party he either had a stroke or a TIA or something that looks like those things. He fell down a whole bunch of times, generalized weakness (not sure of a sidedness on it), his face was twitching and he can't/won't talk. Oy.

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