Oct. 18th, 2007 10:12 am
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I have an observation. Disney songs, translated into Dutch are some of the funniest things I have come across in a while. The voices are different, and my God the translations... *snort*
I now have stuck soundly in my head "We verven de rozen rood..."
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Funny bit today. I'm getting food before class because I didn't really have time to go get groceries AND cook before class. I order and am waiting for it. The second guy at the counter looks at me, his eyes drift to my chest. I'm wearing one of my shirts that leaves little to the imagination as to my shape. Y'all know the ones I mean. And the boy says "What is his order"? And he's told the responce, and says "Oh this one..." and grabs a bag to hand to me. I thank him and go on my way, not quite giggling.

HIS order? I don't know about you folks, but in no way do I look like a he. Nope. If it wasn't funny I would have been a bit put out.

I sit here listening to music, trying to get my computer to connect through the heartland server to JSTOR. Yeah. Keyword in that statement: Trying.

Number of the day: 14. Holy SHIT 2 weeks!!!
Word of the day: bereid *giggle*
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Its been a hell of a few days. I feel lousy and since I feel lousy I shall update my journal. A long entry so prepare yourself.

~The Event
A friend of mine from work, Chris came to see the event and brought his son who was 13. The boy was facinated with the archery and said "God if I had armor i would be all OVER that!" Chris told me the next day that the boy had said "Dad, I know you're a history geek (he does Civil War reinactment), but these people are nuts!" SCORE!
Ended up with Second in the fencing tourney, which was nice. I missed the wins total by two. I either suck asshole or I take second now....so...I'm getting more and more pleased with my performance. I undressed Baron Phillipe on the list field. Now THAT Was funny. Also organized a dinner for the Terrae Fini crowd. It tried to fuck up royally when we actually got to the resturant. They had told me when I had called a day prior that they didn't take reservations...They did. AND they were so not prepared for a group of 25, when they said that they could handle it. Everything turned out alright in the end I guess, just left Ruth stressing out a lot...

~The Past Few Days!

A coworker of mine, a lovely older woman has heard me have several conversations with Richard in the mornings before my shift starts or in the afternoon on my lunch break. In one of them (at least one) she has heard us talking about Collin. A few days ago she asked me something while I was working on a project and was focused on my objective. Conversation is as follows...
"hey Diane?"
"How old is your son"
"Oh he's 7"
"Oh that's a Great age!"
This is the moment where my brain turns on and I go "What did I just say" but by then its too late...Much too late indeed since she is already walking away...

Collin however said this the other day...
"Mommy lives in America, but Carla lives in Rotterdam"

For you my love, to tell Collin. He might find the idea amusing.

Twee mensen klimt op de ATV (een kleine robot)....Beide mensen hebben (sparks? sorry I don't know that word) vlighen op hun hoofd. Een man dansen met de robot, de andere man springen met de robot af.

I know I'm missing a few words here and there but correct me if you would in your telling of it to the boy? Or better yet...correct me here? A pair of associates climbed up on an ATV, one of our small robots. and with the sparks flying over their heads one starts to dance with the robot while the other one jumps off of it. He jumped off I think because the other associate started to make it move. Yeah. It was quite the funny thing to watch. You had to be there.
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So [livejournal.com profile] sgtgwyn I could swear you appeared at the plant today. One of our operators looks so much like you it took me a good couple of minutes of staring at her to figure out that it was not in fact you. Wow. My brain had to reboot after that one.

Interesting point of the day...One of the paint mix tanks started overflowing. Ick stinky mess all over the floor. Maintenence was....pleased....


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