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Gotta love work. I pulled a double last night, which sucked. I was stuck there for 16 hours because if noone will come in the supervisor is stuck.

First shift was uneventful we had a bunch of CEP's and Hot Work permits that we had to wade through. Though...I did manage to get my hand painted yellow. I STILL have yellow paint on my hand in the places that I was unable or unwilling to scrub off. Owwwie!

For second shift, what was amazing was not only did Marsha talk to me, she gave me pizza. It was Really really REALLY nice of her because had she not done so I would not have eaten that day since oh about 9am. We had an exciting day. I had to write a "suspicous acticity/suspicious character Incident Report"

I am still pissed off at the bank, because my debit card STILL Does not work. Damn them to the deepest pit of hell. THey send me a new one, 3 days after they turn the old one off. On top of that they did not tell me that this transition was going on. ARGH! You cannot pay for gas with a check in most places and I do not have an honest to goodness every day credit card. So yes love I do pay for EVERYTHING with my card. I am stuck. On tuesday I did not have enough money in my wallet to get to fighter practice. Now it looks like a few more days before I can fuel my car. Damn it.

On a much more chipper type note...My dad is coming up today to visit me. He gets here at 4. Which means I have 3.5 hours to wash dishes and clear my clean laundry out of the front room. Can be done. Yay dad for inpspiring cleaning.

Word of the day: Wassen


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