Oct. 21st, 2008 06:33 am
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Guess what happens if you fall asleep with your loved one still awake? That's right... He hijacks your LJ and posts an update under your name.

So, we travelled to the US. And what fun we had. Getting out of bed at 5 am on Saturday morning sucks. More so when you really didn't get any sleep during the night. Then, after Charles dropped us off at the station, we couldn't buy our train tickets. The infernal machine would not accept the creditcard it was offered. Nor did it want the bankcard. So Charles ends up buying our tickets for us, bless him. We end up missing the train we wanted to get, but eh... The next one still got us to schiphol well in time. So, we check in and at the planned time of 11:45 am on Saturday morning we depart AMS. Boy's first flight ever. The accelleration is accompanied by an 'ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod' followed by a 'squeeee' when the big bird leaves terra-firma and reaches for the clouds.
A short hop later we find ourself at London Heathrow where we have to take the bus to get to the terminal where we will be leaving for the long flight to LAX. Almost 3 hours later we can board the next flight for the second part of out journey. No window seats this time. We're on a tripple-7 and occupy the left to center chairs of the middle row of seats. This flight will take us all the way to Los Angeles, an eleven-plus hour flight. Oh joy. The flight is made even longer by a bored boy who simply refuses to get some sleep. This resulted in neither Diane nor me getting any sleep ourselves.
Then, finally we make it to the land of Hollywood, moviestars and makebelieve where we get split up. Diane, still officially a US resident will take a different route through customs and is grilled about the many countries she visited since she left the US. Me and Collin, the foreigners, take another tour and are grilled about the reason of our visit. Papers and bags are double, tripple and quadruple-checked. When US customs finally is satisfied we get to pass and meet up with eachother again. Then it's time to pick up our luggage and meet up with Diane's father who flew in from Chicago just an hour earlier.

It is safe to say thet by this time we're all very tired. It is therefor a good thing that we can head on over to the hotel where we will be staying. It is now about 9 pm local time. That makes it 4 am CET. Almost 24 hours after we got up to start this journey. Yes, we were very happy to climb into a nice soft bed.

That about concludes our first day here. You'll be hearing from me or the rightfull owner of this here blog soon. For now, I bid you a good night.




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