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I promised my husband a post about my weekend....and especially since i didn't post about our anniversary festivities that I should in fact oblige him. He's snoring right now which is very cute and does in fact aid in my creative process. [Creative process- I need an SCA icon]

I went this weekend to my first ever *yay* Drachenwald event. It was the 20 year anniversary of Polderslot (thats my new shire peoples) and it was in a word wonderful. I will give you the high points and the low points as noone really wants a play by play of my event. Not even my husband, but he got one anyways. :D

I have never had a Queen know who I was before, based soley on appreciation for my scrolls. having never met me before, upn introduction said "Is this the same Ruth who sent me 'this' scroll and 'this scroll"? The feeling was wonderous, absolutely beyond description.

I didn't get as much work done on my Illumination as I would have liked because I was quite willing to be recruited to play lady in waiting to her Highness Fiona. Lovely woman. Very Funny. It was truly a pleasure to follow her around. She didn't appear to mind my nervous commentary either. We had an adventure. The Princess, two other Ladies and myself all went to the Albert Hein in town in order to aquire certain necessities (caffiene in my case) . We were given mini-roses and free samples and everything.

Many many comments about my choice of Indian garb. None of them derogatory in any fashion, one admitting she'd like to steal my fabric and make it into a coat (persian persona, didn't catch her name), and only one incredulous "Aren't you Freezing?" A definite plus for someone who has had nasty comments for her garb in the past.

Feast was lovely, if a bit too soupy for my taste (soup for dinner the previous day and for lunch event day as well). One mushroom dish which was snatched away from me with a "You may not have any of this. No!" and a laugh from both of us. It was nice. During feast they made the chief cook and all around good lady a Baroness of the Court. Was very well done indeed.

I got to stand up behind the thrones in court! Wicked Fricking Awesome. *queue girlish squee of delight* No but seriously, I've NEVER gotten to do that before and it was just as cool as I thought it would be.

Only 4 fighters, which would be a sad turnout to a Midrealm event, however the tournament was quite enjoyable to watch. It was a portrayal of the fight of Sir Gawain the Green Knight, and it was excellently fought by Sir Guerric. I now know 2. Good thing they don't look a thing alike otherwise I might even get confused.

I have made a statement that I want to get fencing started again in this area. It was seconded by several people including the Princess who thinks it was a Very Good Idea. So I guess I get to start the process of a Drachewald fencing marshallate and kick people's butts. Not that I mind that but it was not QUITE what I had in mind. Ruth gets to play at Teacher. Hmm. Ruth should think before opening her big mouth, but now that its out there I have to come through. Once i get my gear.

I have about a bazillion new ideas from people at the event. I need to focus them down into doable and not doable. One thing on the doable list are the penworked capitals I saw from [livejournal.com profile] aryanhwy . I simply MUST try those one day soon.

Low point: The children waking me up at 635 in the morning. If your children are awake and hungry at that hour of the morning, it is the job of the parent to get up...and feed them. It doesn't matter if you're tired, you do it because you know very well that they're just going to keep whining until you do. No "shut up" does not cut it TYVM.

I am SURE that there is more that will percolate through my brain here in time, but for now this is what you get.
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