May. 3rd, 2010

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So we've had the Winston puppy for a whole week now, and we've discovered a lot of things about having a pup that I'd forgotten. The adoption agency said he was only 5 months old, but he has all of his adult teeth except for his molars, so the vet thinks he's older than that. It's sad that he's so skittish and scared, but that speaks volumes as to the world he lived in when he was a puppy. He fell over himself trying to get away from Richard when he had a newspaper in his hand. He's now just learning that he can be a puppy here and people will still love on him. We even had a genuine tail chase the other day. It's very funny to watch him bounce from couch to couch because he's just so excited to be able to play.

We are working on 2 things right now, harness training and housetraining. He freaked out totally when we put him in a collar, so we decided to forgo that in place of a harness. He's adapting well to the harness. Smart little beastie will, if we leave the door open go outside to go to the toilet. However, if the door is not open, he will go on the dogbed we got for him since he's decided the couch is the best place to sleep.

Downsides: We've lost 2 tea towels to him so far, one small boy school certificate, there's an enormous hole in the backyard and I caught him chewing on Richards sandals. I sense more chewing in the future, though he is quite taken with his rawhide bone.

Damn if he's not cute though...


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